Witchy Winter Elegant Style

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

There’s something really woodsy and elegant about these clothes from Artka!  Can princesses be woodland witches at the same time?  I think if you dress like this then you will be on your way to achieving that!

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (1)

Art Skirt Dress

Wow, what beautiful art work on this skirt!!
And it looks super comfy to wear with spaghetti straps~

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (2)

Rusty Red Long-Sleeve Flowing Dress

This is so pretty!!  I love how much gathered fabric is around the skirt.
It looks like it buttons up the front!

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (3)

Plaid and Brown Corduroy Blouse

I don’t know if this counts as a peasant-style blouse or not,
but I loove peasant-style blouses!
I’m also really distracted by all the pretty decorations braided into the model’s hair.
I wanna do that to my hair lol.

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (4)

Black Belted Skirt with Lantern Sleeves

Look at all of those cool geometric details in the skirt!!
This is super dark and dramatic~

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (5)

Red Embroidered Bell-Shaped Coat

Oh so pretty!!
It looks so cozy and warm!!

Earthy & Romantic Winter Dresses for the New Year!!

Friday, January 1st, 2016

Welcome to the new year!!  How about beginning the year with a dramatic wardrobe?  These deeply-colored, Earthy dresses will keep you warm in the remaining Winter while keeping you looking elegant and ethereal.

Earthy & Romantic Winter Dresses for the New Year!! (1)

Romantic Green Rustic Small Flower Print Dress

This is like something from a novel about rustic ladies on the prairie~
The print on the dress is small white flowers.
Now, if you wore something like this,
it would be mandatory to go out running through a field at some point.

Earthy & Romantic Winter Dresses for the New Year!! (2)

Vintage Lady Lace Jacquard Dress

I think that this dress is in two pieces as a top and skirt,
but you get both of them together!
It also comes in a deep oceanic blue~

Earthy & Romantic Winter Dresses for the New Year!! (3)

Elegant Forest Green Wool Coat

Ahh, now this is beautiful and Wintery!!
There is something super romantic and vintage about the shape of this coat.
And just because you have to cover up with a coat
doesn’t mean you have to look all bulky and bundled up.

Earthy & Romantic Winter Dresses for the New Year!! (4)

Pink Wool & Lace Long-Sleeved Dress

This design is pretty simple, but it’s so pretty!!
Classical stuff is super elegant, too.

Earthy & Romantic Winter Dresses for the New Year!! (5)

Heather Grey Ruffle Woollen Dress

Wow!!!  So pretty!!
The asymmetrical ruffled accents on this dress are cute charm points.
I looove heather grey, like, a ridiculous amount.
It’s such an easily workable neutral color!!

Become an Earthy Autumn Witch with New Fave Aliexpress Store, Artka!

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Omg, new seller discovered!!!  I have already added them to my Fave Aliexpress Stores directory because I immediately fell in love with them.  Their store name is Artka, and the best way I can think to describe their style is that it is clothing that an artsy Earthy forest witch would wear.  It is enchanting and bewitching!!

I suppose it is a little bit Mori Girl, or at least could be incorporated into a romantic Mori coordinate~

And best of all, it’s super warm and cozy-looking for cold weather. c:

Become an Earthy Autumn Witch with Artka Fashion (1)

Autumn-Color Puff Sleeve Lace & Fringe Ruffle Layers Coat Dress

This right here pretty much defines “enchanting Earth lady” to me. ‘ – ‘
The looong length of the coat dress is thanks to the tiers of ruffles at the bottom~
But the lace and fringe around the upper part of the coat are
an awesome detail as well!!

Become an Earthy Autumn Witch with Artka Fashion (2)

Embroidery Cinched Waist 3/4-Sleeve Swishing Dress

This looks angelic in its alternate white color!!
Wearing a swishy dress like this, I would want to twirl around everywhere.
I do not have very strong self-control.

Become an Earthy Autumn Witch with Artka Fashion (3)

Vintage-Look Ruffle Lace Edge Sweater with Detachable Collar

The slouchy cuff around the neck is removable!!
It makes me imagine other coordinates it could be worn with,
like layering it over your coat to look like a scarf.
And gooosssshhh the ruffles and lace
at the bottom edges of the sweater itself are pretty.

Become an Earthy Autumn Witch with Artka Fashion (4)

Breezy Peasant Knee-length Dress with Wide Ruffle Hem

This is a simple piece that just oozes natural elegance.
Again, I’m feeling dangerously twirly………

Become an Earthy Autumn Witch with Artka Fashion (5)

Elegant & Classy Autumn Woven Sweater

The turned-over collar at the top of this makes for suuuch an elegant shape!!
It’s easier to see in other pics, but the lacy little pocket on one side
is really cute. c:

Soft, Sweet, and Beautiful Mori Girl Dresses on Ebay

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

As it gets cooler and cooler, clothing with lots of layers looks more and more appealing!!  I adore the miles and miles of ruffles and lace that run the edges of seemingly every mori girl item. n_n  What a perfect fashion for Autumn!!

Soft Sweet Beautiful Mori Girl Dresses on Ebay (1)

Long Sleeve Knit Floral Ruffle Layer Dress in Blue or Teal

The teal color that this comes in is so beautiful as well!!
I love the flowery tiers of ruffles, and the knit top looks so cozy!

Soft Sweet Beautiful Mori Girl Dresses on Ebay (2)

Soft Mint Green Lace Layers Mori Girl Skirt

This mint color is sooo sweet!
Although I made this roundup for Autumn clothes,
this one also kind of gives me a Summer vibe…

Soft Sweet Beautiful Mori Girl Dresses on Ebay (3)

Mint Green Tulle Sleeve Shawl Long A-Line Mori Girl Dress

Again with the minty green!!!
The geometric pattern of different floral fabrics
in that wide band are a striking visual effect!!

Soft Sweet Beautiful Mori Girl Dresses on Ebay (4)

Warm & Cozy Lacy Layered Autumn Mori Girl Coat

This looks reeeeaally thick and warm!!
That’s an outfit for walking through crunchy leaves in~

Soft Sweet Beautiful Mori Girl Dresses on Ebay (5)

Lace Layered Chiffon Camisole One-Piece Mint Green Mori Girl Dress

Maybe I was a little partial while I picked these dresses out.
I love the length of this dress, and that it is elegant and natural-looking
without many asymmetrical pieces here and there, like many others are.

Soft & Pretty Mori Girl Blouses and Skirts

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

It took a long time, but I finally realized that I have very rarely featured mori girl styles on this blog!  Let’s fix that!  These lovely blouses and skirts come from the brand Moriville on YesStyle~

Moriville top dress

Mori Girl Tiered Lace Swing Dress

This… is… SO… PRETTY!!!!
Some of the sample photos show it worn as a skirt, too~
I just love all of the ruffly layers!

Moriville skirt

Mori Girl Lace Trim Denim Skirt

This just looks so casually sweet and pretty!
The lace detail is so simple, I have this saved in my
sewing inspiration folder to try making a similar style skirt of my own~
I will see what I can make it out of besides denim, though.

Moriville blouse

Mori Girl Floral Panel Ruffle-Hem Dotted Blouse

This adorable blouse looks like quilting patchwork!
I loooove combinations of soft polka dots and florals~

Moriville skirt

Mori Girl Bow Accent A-Line Skirt

This skirt just looks so comfortable and easy to wear!
So much of mori style is like that, actually.
It is one of the reasons I have so much admiration for it.

moriville blouse

Mori Girl Lace Ruffle Hooded Top

I always feel like I am a little bit cold, no matter how it feels outside!
Having a light layer to throw on top, just like this,
would be so perfect~  It still looks and feels light and breezy,
just covers you up a bit more, and that’s just what I need, lol!