You Can Basically Become a Pastel Rainbow Unicorn with These

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Whatever started the current unicorn trend, I’m incredibly grateful for it.
Finally, other people are appreciating how awesome and cute
unicorns are!!!  It’s not just us!!!

A happy side effect is that now, us unicorn lovers can find
cute and beautiful unicorn products pretty much EVERYWHERE!

Here are just a few of the really popular unicorn items
that are just perfect for your unicorn collection
if you haven’t picked them up yet!

Pastel Rainbow Highlighter Makeup

This highlighter has definitely caught on,
I think every beauty blog posted about it LOL!
Who wouldn’t love a soft, shimmery rainbow swept across one’s cheeks?

Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Makeup Brushes

There are several variations in color for these swirly unicorn horn brushes
with rainbow bristles – and this particular one is my favorite!
The lavender purple has a pearlescent sheen over it
that is very visible in one of the other preview images
when you click through to the product page~

Kawaii Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Squishy Toy

Stim toys and other attention-occupying, stress-relief accessories
are definitely also a massive trend right now, and these squishy toys
have been around even longer than that!
Round out both your unicorn collection and your stim toy collection
with this pastel unicorn that is soft enough to squeeze~

Sweet Hime Lolita Gold Heart Rhinestone Necklace

All right, there isn’t anything specifically unicorn-like about this jewelry, but…
it’s so beautiful, dainty, and gold, it just struck me as something
a beautiful unicorn would wear!
Channel your inner golden winged unicorn with one of these
sweet, delicate little winged heart necklaces.

Sweet Hime Lolita Gold Winged Heart Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet

Okay, same deal as the previous piece.
In fact, this winged heart bracelet seems to perfectly match the necklace!
Wearing the two pieces together, you could easily be mistaken
for unicorn royalty~

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Soft & Sweet Candy Rain Dresses for Summer

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

This is my first Candy Rain post since returning to regular posting~
It makes me so glad to see this beautiful brand flourishing
and continuing to produce and endless supply of soft princess dresses.

Candy Rain – Pink Short-Sleeve Chiffon Dress

The beautiful lace collar around the top of this dress
is my favorite charm point~!

Candy Rain – Peach Embroidered Short-Sleeve Dress

The soft, creamy orange color of this dress is so perfectly Summery!

Candy Rain – Long-Sleeve Chiffon Dress

I’m completely in love with this dress’ wide bell sleeves!
Nothing says “princess” more than that style of sleeve~

Candy Rain – Print Cutout Shoulder Short-Sleeve Dress

The off-the-shoulder flouncing sleeves are an incredible beautiful charm point!

Candy Rain – Mock Two-piece Cutout Shoulder Short-Sleeve Dress

I’m absolutely in love with the unique shape of this dress!
Not only is the top shaped so incredibly cute with braided ribbons
on either side, but is also has a sweet pastel printed design
in the center!

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10 Pastel Street Snaps from Harajuku, Tokyo (Video)

Monday, January 4th, 2016

10 Pastel STREET FASHIONS 2015/03 | Kawaii Harajuku | 原宿パステルファッションスナップ2015/03

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Yo, it doesn’t even matter that no one is seeing your underwear or whether it matches your coord or not.  Wearing cute stuff under your clothes makes you feel so good!!  So here are some simple, cozy, cotton panties that would be so super cute to wear under your favorite soft larme-kei coordinates.  And anything else.

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (1)

5-Pack Pastel Lace Panties

Most of my listings here today consist of sets of 5 panties,
whose colors are shipped at random!
The colors for this assortment could be a combination of soft yellow,
pink, and a teal-ish baby blue.
The white lace on the sides is my favorite!!

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (2)

5-Piece Pink & Yellow Cotton & Lace Panties

These two designs are pink and yellow in contrasting colors!
Though they have lace ruffles on them, they are cotton all the way around
unlike the listing above.

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (3)

5-Piece Pastel Lace with Ribbon Bows Panties

A set of panties with a panel of lace at the front
(and the pattern is different for each color!)
and a couple of cute ribbon bows!!!
I like this set because it has a pretty minty green color selection!

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (4)

5-Pieces Blue & Yellow Mesh Cotton Panties Set

The colors in this set are a very sweet blue and buttery yellow!
They are mostly a solid color with just a little bit of lacy detail.

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (5)

5-Piece Soft Pastel Cotton Panties Set

This selection has some contrasting ruffle at the front
and a really pretty lace edge!!
I like the lavender purple that’s available in this one, too!

Cute Gifts for Pastel Princesses (Or Yourself!)

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

A few of my very favorite Aliexpress sellers just updated with these cute pastel accessories, including fuzzy sleep socks, heart chokers, and a wallet!  They may make just the nicest gift for a kawaii friend, or as a sweet indulgence for yourself.  You’re allowed to buy gifts for yourself, absolutely!!

Cute Gifts for Pastel Princesses (Or Yourself!) (1)

Moco Moco Thigh-High Roomwear Socks – Bear or Sheepie

Ahhhh it would be so hard to decide between the two of these!!
I love the pink stripes that the bear design has,
but omg cute fluffy sheepies are among my favorite animals!!!!

Cute Gifts for Pastel Princesses (Or Yourself!) (2)

Pastel Moco Moco Scallop-Edge Sleep Socks

These are significantly shorter than the thigh-highs,
but they come in suuuuuuch cute, soft color combinations!
It’s hard to tell from how they’re ruffled in the above photo,
but when they are worn the edges are cutely scalloped.

Cute Gifts for Pastel Princesses (Or Yourself!) (3)

Pastel Scallop-Edge & Cute Illustration Wallet

Awww the cute little illustrations on this wallet are so sweet!
I love the scalloped edge framing them, and the tassel zipper pull is cool, too.
I always default to pink for anything like this,
but I really love that minty green color, too.

Cute Gifts for Pastel Princesses (Or Yourself!) (4)

Pastel Grunge Heart-Ring Choker

These are pretty much a staple of all grungey kawaii coordinates at the moment.
I love that stuff like this is cutesy and pastel nowadays.
When I browsed Hot Topic for stuff like this as a schoolgoing lass,
they were only available in black or black-and-red.

Cute Gifts for Pastel Princesses (Or Yourself!) (5)

Pastel Grunge Transparent Heart-Ring Choker

Pretty much the same listing as the above, but the choker on this one is transparent!!
Well, really, I just liked the rhinestone makeup that the model is wearing, lol.