Cute & Pretty New JFashion Items For Pretty Pink Souls

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

I picked a few newly-released items from Tokyo Otaku Mode today that all kind of fall into a similar soft pastel, kinda rosy theme! 😀

milklim Ice Cream Skirt

This pale skirt has a border print of soft-serve ice cream,
but most interestingly there is a layer of sheer chiffon over the top
of the whole thing~

milklim Heart & Watermelons Coordinate Set

You get the set of t-shirt + shorts in this coordinate!!
This looks like pajamas to me, or just cozy loungewear for around the house~
This is the kind of thing you would wear to curl up and
watch your favorite cute anime!

LIZ LISA Lace-Up Cardigan

Liz Lisa is a classic, beloved brand!!
This listing is for the sweet, creamy cardigan the model is wearing~

LIZ LISA Cameo Rose Dress

…And this listing is for the dress itself!
I think this is GORGEOUS!!  Such a classical, vintage-like print and style, right?

Secret Door Souffle Mini Backpack

Fuzzy stuff is a popular trend right now, and I think it’s SO cute!!
Everything looks like a fluffy bunny. ;____;
This backpack, even without any bunny-like features,
just strikes me as cuddly and cute and round like a bunny!

There are a few different colors you can pick this up in, so check them out~

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Cute Pink Recent Purchases~

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Hello cute friends and followers!! о(ж ̄▽ ̄)y ☆

Today I have some photos of recent stuff I’ve picked up~
They are incredibly cute and pink things!

I have joined Instagram recently and that’s where photos like these
have been getting posted~  Please follow me there, because
I am brand new and would love to keep sharing these kinds of things!

First are these glam pink sunglasses with a bit of shimmery gold
along the top~  They are from Charlotte Russe!!

I plan on being at the beach this Summer, so it was time for
some stylish new shades. ( •_•)>⌐■-■   (⌐■_■)

they are so CUUUUUUTE!!!

These are probably my happiest recent purchase… I’m at home all day,
and being able to walk around in cute and soft slippers
is a HUGE deal for me.

They are listed here in a few different colors
if you want to check them out for yourself~

This was bought a bit earlier in the year, but it was among my photos
so I thought of including it in this post too!!
The fortune in the photo was in a cookie from the same day I received it~

I LOVE THIS WALLET!!  It is the sweetest dusty pink color,
and the bunny emblem on the front is cute while still being pretty and dainty.

It’s available in several soft pastel colors + black HERE!

This isn’t something that I bought,
but was part of a package from an awesome friend –
if anyone knows of Ken Ashcorp and his songs on Youtube??
Slowpoke is like, my fave Pokemon, because he is round enough for
Maximum Huggability, and ofc he is pink also!!

It is just cute and inspirational so I thought to include it in this post
to make you smile, too!
If you’re on Instagram then check me out there for more~

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Sewing a Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt DIY Tutorial

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

In just a single day, I sewed this extremely cute and pretty skirt in a dusty pink color and classical, vintage-looking print – I thought it would be perfect for wearing on Thanksgiving!

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (7)

Here is the finished skirt!!
It has a high waist and is incredibly full in shape.

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (1)

This is a close-up of the fabric –
a classical-looking toile print covered in BUNNIES!!
From afar, you can hardly tell that there are bunnies there at all.

They are secret bunnies.

Now I’ll let you know how I made it!!

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (2)

These three incredibly simple, rectangular shapes are all you need to cut out.
Cotton fabric comes in aboout 45″ wide, folded at the middle.
For rectangular pieces like these, all you do is measure the length down for each piece
and cut allllll the way across that 45″-ish width.

Using twice the amount of length that the waistband has
is what makes the skirt so fluffy and full!!

I like this method more than making a circle skirt pattern,
because the entire cut of fabric gets used without ANY scraps,
AND you don’t have the problem where your print is upside down at the back.

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (3)

The front & back panels get seamed together to make one huge “tube”-like shape,
then hemmed along the bottom.
In the above picture, I’m using lazy box-pleat-like gathers to match up the width
of the front + back skirt pieces with the waistband.
However, I do not iron the box-pleats down,
because I want it to fall like ruffles and not actual pleats.

Oh, and I always sew wrong-sides-together first, since I use French seams all the time
so that all of the seams are extremely sturdy and finished-looking on the inside.

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (4)

Here is the “after” of the above picture – the waistband
and the two skirt panels all attached!!
The waistband is about to be folded over at the top,
with a channel for elastic to go through ONLY on the back.
The front will be laying flat – that’s what gives it the high-waisted skirt appearance!

You can also see in this picture that while I am spending all of these hours sewing,
I keep myself entertained by watching Youtube vids of video games. :p
For this particular project, it was the Best Friends playing Super Mario RPG.

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (5)

In just one afternoon, I had finished practically an entire skirt!!
The lace details are simple – just lengths of lace sewn on in easy straight lines.
Actually, in the above pic, the bottom row of lace is pinned on
and not actually sewn yet.
The buttons are sen on by hand.  By the way –

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (6)

Look at these tiny bunny buttons!!!

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (7)

Since I took a little break after making so much progress in the above pics,
it gave me time to decide that I wanted to scoot the bottom row of lace
up by a couple of inches before finally sewing it in place.
Stepping back for an hour (or day) is usually so beneficial!!

I’m so excited to have something this classical-looking and cute.
It looks like something that Liz Lisa would produce, and I never thought
that I’d own anything as pretty as anything of theirs.
I’m so excited to wear this for Thanksgiving
and any other coords I want to create with it!!

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

A whole new update of Wintery pieces from Candy Rain (one of my fave TaoBao brands) was just listed by BOBON21 (one of my fave Aliexpress stores) and oh my gosh they are SO dainty and princess-like!!  While being made of thick, fluffy material that will keep you warm on chilly Winter days!!

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (1)

Candy Rain Pink-White Gradient Ribbon-woven Lace Detail Sweater

Oh gosh, there are sooo many detail points to this that are SO pretty.
The soft gradient from pink to white, the ribbon woven through the front
to make a bow, the sleeves hollowed out and covered with lace,
the lace edge at the end of the sleeves~
It is like wearing a PRECIOUS MARSHMALLOW.

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (2)

Candy Rain Soft Pink Winter Ruffle Skirt

This is the listing for the skirt from the same picture. nn
The intense ruffles look like flower petals!!
You would have to clickthrough to see the more zoomed-in detail pics,
but the material of the skirt is fluffy and woolly!!

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (3)

Candy Rain Soft Woolen High-Waisted Suspender Skirt

Ok, this is the ONE non-pink item in this roundup.
It is another super fuzzy and warm-looking material~
Even though the white embroidery is flowers,
it looks like snowflakes in the Wintery context~
I love the heart-shaped belt buckle!!

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (4)

Candy Rain Warm Pink Hearts Overlay Himegyaru Hoodie

I know this isn’t the best detail pic, but you can click the link
to see it more closely – the sleeves and pocket of this hoodie
have a sheer white overlay fabric with hearts on it!!
And the hood and its drawstring ties are fluffed out
with the softest white faux fur ever!!
There is also a listing for those leggings, too~

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (5)

Candy Rain Empire Waist Princess Pink Sherpa Fleece Skirt

This skirt is deceptive in appearance – it is SUPER thick and warm,
and is hiding fluffy sherpa fleece on its underside!!  WOW!!
And besides all of that, its design is just simple and prettily princess-like.

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses!

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

I think you can tell this just from browsing this blog for any amount of time… but my absolute favorite thing is clothes that are slouchy and comfy while still being cute and pretty and girlish… especially if they are pink!

So here is a selection of cozy sweaters suitable for pink princesses!

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (1)

Candy Rain Fluffy Pink Sweater with Bows and Pearls

Ohh the bows and pearls make for small details,
but they are SO lovely!!
I love also that this sweater hangs off the shoulders,
which is always stylish~

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (2)

Candy Rain Pink Batwing Sleeve Bow-Shaped Cardigan

The whoole front of this sweater is shaped like a bow!!
But I think my favorite parts of it are the doleman sleeves,
and the dainty lace that hangs from the bottom edge.

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (3)

Candy Rain White/Pink Speckle Fluffy Sweater

The white and pink on this almost looks like an animal print,
but I think that they are just speckles!
These fuzzy sweaters look super soft. :3

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (4)

Candy Rain Fur Trim Pom-Pom Sweater

This is a “pinker” pink than the above photo shows,
it was just taken in warm lighting!
The giant pom-poms on the front are super cute,
and fur trim is instant Winter glam.

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (5)

Candy Rain Pink, White, and Blue Fluffy Winter Coat Dress

OMG!!  The tri-colors on this are awesome!!
It looks like marshmallows!!
And I can’t believe how pretty the shape of this coat is.
It looks more like a dress!!
This is how I want to look in the Winter!