How to Turn a Jacket into a Kawaii Bunny Lolita Jacket DIY Tutorial (Video)

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Easter Bunny DIY –Transform Your Hoodie Jacket to Fleece Easter Bunny Hoodie Jacket (Easy)

How to Sew a Pretty Pink & White Lace Layered Lolita Princess Dress (Video)

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Kawaii DIY – How to Sew Sweet Dolly Princess Dress(easy) – Lolita fashion

Pink Princess Bunny Plush and Pattern!

Friday, August 21st, 2015

This past week, I sewed a pretty pink princess bunny plush for myself!  I really haven’t made a plush for myself in ages~
She is covered in glittery fabric (the pink inside her ears & the cupcake print for her dress are coated with glitter) and lots of lace, pretty trailing ribbons and pink flowers!

pinkprincessbunny (17)

Here is the pattern I followed to make this, a reprint of a vintage sewing pattern!:

simplicity 2595 vintage bunny angel

Simplicity 2595 Vintage Angel Bunny Plush Sewing Pattern

However, I did not follow the last steps of the pattern 100%…
I did my own thing for the bunny’s pinafore rather than using eyelet lace,
and I did not give her angel wings…

Now I shall share some process pics!

pinkprincessbunny (1)

Laying out the pieces and just getting started~
These are all on white fabric, but you can see the pink ear piece
I already cut out on the left

pinkprincessbunny (2)

Getting ready to start sewing is always so exciting!

pinkprincessbunny (5)

Here is the bunny body mostly sewn up, but not stuffed yet!

pinkprincessbunny (6)

The bunny is looking slightly less dumb but its arms are still unstuffed
and it looks SO DOOFY.  I put extra weight into its butt and feet
with weighted stuffing pellets~
A plush Harvest Moon chick is helping to support it to sit up.

pinkprincessbunny (7)

Here is the face embroidered with sweet pink eyes and ribbons and flowers
over her ears!  I think this is the first pic where you can actually tell
that the pink fabric is sparkly.

pinkprincessbunny (9)

With the bunny’s body done, it’s time to make a cupcake dress!

pinkprincessbunny (11)

There are soooo many small, meticulous stitches required to make clothes for plushes…
making those sleeves was super hard. ; ^;

pinkprincessbunny (12)

The main dress is finished!  This bunny is a good model.
I also skipped several steps involving making a slip and petticoat netting
for under the dress.  That skirt is sooooo ruffly (it’s only slightly under
the amount of fabric I would use to make a skirt for myself!)
so I did not think the extra volume was needed.

pinkprincessbunny (13)

More small, tedious sewing for the bodice of the pinafore.

pinkprincessbunny (14)

At this point, I started straying from the pattern’s instructions and
started doing my own thing, adding lace and decorations where I liked~

pinkprincessbunny (15)

And she is done!  Manymany hours went into this project,
but I’m so happy to have such a pretty, sparkly bunny princess
who is covered in cupcakes and ribbons and flowers.

pinkprincessbunny (18)

I’m really happy with her!
If I wanted to, I could even make new dresses for her~
But, I think I will take a break from making tiny sleeve stitches for a while!

Perfect Princess Beauty with Canmake

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

A princess’ boudoir isn’t complete without crystalline products on their vanity!  The perfectly princessy packaging of Canmake‘s beauty supplies are so pretty, with beveled edges like a diamond~  I would love to have some of these!


Canmake Gradation Wink Eyeshadow – Strawberry Tart

This!!  Eyeshadow!!  Looks!!  Like!!  Pink!!  Chocolate!!


Canmake Glow Fleur Highlighter #01

Wow!!  The floral design etched on here is so gorgeous!
The soft minty and lavender colors are so dreamy~
Even highlighter can be packaged beautifully!


Canmake Cream Cheek Blush #08 Marshmallow Pink

Ummmm yes this color is called MARSHMALLOW PINK!!
And gosh, packaged like that,
it looks like it’s made of rose petals~
(Well, it is just the beveled edges of the compact
making it look like that lol!)


Canmake False Eyelashes – Corner Eye Volume Crossing Type

Cris-crossing lashes are a staple of gyaru beauty!
And I adoooore that this set is thicker on the outer eye~


Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream SPF50

BB Cream is necessary for a gyaru’s beauty routine!
And woooow that pink design on the bottle~
Truthfully I just want all of this stuff
so it looks pretty on my vanity.

Pretty Pink Sweet Hime Gyaru Shoes!

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

There are a lot of words to describe the styles that these shoes could work for – hime gyaru, sweet hime, casual hime, roma gyaru, hime kaji…  There are likely countless others whose names I haven’t even heard.

But!!  Regardless, here are some sweet pink shoes (and other colors, too!) decorated with dainty bows and comfortable, chunky heels.

Women's Lolita Sweet Party Butterfly-Knot Wedges Sandals Japanese Princess Sandals

Flowery Scalloped Wedge Heels

Omg, those 3D flowers all over the heel (and bows along the back)

new summer sweet double bow slope thick bottom Princess sandals 138-2 women shoes wedge cute bowknot sandals pumps

Dainty Bow Wedge Heels

The tiny criss-crossing stitches and bows around the heel are
these shoes’ charm point!!  And of course the bows on the toes, too!

floral wedge sandals

Floral Chiffon Bow Wedge Sandals

The fabric on these sandals actually comes in a LOT of designs –
just clickthrough to the product page to see all of them!
My favorites are the florals, though!  There are these pink ones,
and pink floral on a black background, and a lovely floral
with a princess blue background as well~

velvet bow wedges

Velvety Bow Wedges

Every time I see brown and pink together,
I think of milky chocolately flavors~
The velvet texture of the bows on these is reinforcing that visual!


Dear My Love Lace Scallop Ankle Boots

I was so pleasantly surprised to find DreamV shoes!
The scalloped ruffle around the ankles of these boots
are such a cute, classy look~