EXTREMELY Cute, Cuddly, and Huggable New Plushes from Japan!

Monday, July 24th, 2017

I could not believe my eyes when I found these plushies today.

These are seriously SO cute you might explode.
At the thought of having one of these and hugging it…
I just might… melt………….

Kirby 25th Anniversary Bon Voyage Big Plush

This is a special plush released just for Kirby’s 25th anniversary!
He is ready to set sail for adventure and eat probably everything.

Pote Usa Loppy Denim Rabbit Plush Collection

Hsfwghfhsfghg they are wearing little DENIM OVERALLLLLLLLS.
Dude, I freaking love Pote Usa Loppy… this is for real one of the cutest
bunny plushes you can get your hands on nowadays…
Can you imagine having one this big and cuddly…

Neko Atsume Giant 12″ Guy Furry Plush

Neko Atsume has so many plushes and other adorable merch now!!
This new one  is for the chef character.
…You know, I played through this game back before it had an English translation,
and I… had no idea that this guy’s name became “Guy Furry”……………..

Daramofu-san Minna Nakayoshi Plush Collection

Omg!!  Doesn’t their round, tummy-laying shape remind you of Tsum-Tsums?
…Or, well, I guess they aren’t little at all, are they??

Pote Usa Loppy Baby Rabbit Plush Collection

More!!!!  Giant!!!!!!  Loppies!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh… my… GOSH these ones are so sweetly pastel!!
That one with the pacifier is…….. so cute…………

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Cute Cuddly Plush Gifts for Kawaii Collectors

Friday, December 25th, 2015

Merry Christmas! \(^o^)/  It’s a little late for gift ideas, but maybe you could get one of these for yourself if you fancy them!

Cute Cuddly Plush Gifts for Kawaii Collectors (1)

Sumikko Gurashi Kaiun Plushies Ton-Kami sama

This is a San-X character (the makers of Rilakkuma!).
This plush sculpture is so elaborate!!
It really impressed me, so I had to feature it for that reason alone.

Cute Cuddly Plush Gifts for Kawaii Collectors (2)

Star Wars The Force Awakens Plush Star Destroyer

Probably the cutest little Star Destroyer ever. :3
I can’t think of any other Star Destroy you can cuddle with…?

Cute Cuddly Plush Gifts for Kawaii Collectors (3)

Luigi Riding Yoshi 8″ Plushie

The New Super Mario Bros. games are ones where you might see
this match-up happening~  That game is fun to play with friends!
I like how this plush is actually kind of pastel?  And cute??

Cute Cuddly Plush Gifts for Kawaii Collectors (4)

Fresh Strawberry Plushies

Okay, you need to look at the pics of these strawberry plushes being held by someone…
They are huge!!  They’re like big throw pillows!
I would be happy replacing all of my throw pillows with cute round strawberries.

Cute Cuddly Plush Gifts for Kawaii Collectors (5)

Chun Chun Kotori Nesoberi Plushies (Ball Chain)

BIRBS!!  Look at the cute birbs!!!
Ohmygosh.  I’m dying over the blue budgie.
These are so gosh dang cute.
Carrying one around with you strapped to your bag would be
too distracting, I would want to be cuddling with it all hours of every day.

Kawaii Felt Crafts – How to Make an Octopus Plush DIY Tutorial (Video)

Monday, November 30th, 2015

How To Make A Kawaii Octopus Plushie Tutorial

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!!

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Biiiiig snuggly plushes like these are perfect for giving hugs to, or watching favorite movies with!!

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (1)

San-X Sentimental Circus Elephant Plush

The cutesy patterns and pastel colors of this Sentimental Circus elephant
that I see all the time on stationery and things have given it a place in my heart~
It’s so perfect in plush form, where it’s sooo round and huggable!

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (2)

Kawaii Piggy Stuffed Animal Plush

Is this another San-X character??
I may have seen it before but I don’t know~
This cute plush piggy is shown wearing a lot of different outfits
and accessories – this listing is a blind bag where the one you get is random!

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (3)

Aristocats Marie 41cm Stuffed Animal Plush

Marie is a hugely popular character among girls and young women right now!!
She’s cute and endearing already, but there’s the added comfort
of being cool and trendy when you are sporting Marie goods now, too.
This plush of her looks cuddly soft!!

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (4)

Kawaii Owl Hugging Hand Warming Plush

This BIG, ROUND owl has cozy little pockets
for slipping your hands into to keep your fingers warm!!!
It’s huge, too!! :O

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (5)

Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plush Crossbody Bag Coin Purse

This cute crossbody bag looks like it’s hugging you!! nn
I am always happy seen options to get Korilakkuma things,
because I think that Korilakkuma’s pink ears are cuter~

Kawaii Felt Crafts – Pastel Lovebird Plushie DIY Tutorial (Video)

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

How To Make A Kawaii Love Bird Plushie Tutorial