EXTREMELY Cute, Cuddly, and Huggable New Plushes from Japan!

Monday, July 24th, 2017

I could not believe my eyes when I found these plushies today.

These are seriously SO cute you might explode.
At the thought of having one of these and hugging it…
I just might… melt………….

Kirby 25th Anniversary Bon Voyage Big Plush

This is a special plush released just for Kirby’s 25th anniversary!
He is ready to set sail for adventure and eat probably everything.

Pote Usa Loppy Denim Rabbit Plush Collection

Hsfwghfhsfghg they are wearing little DENIM OVERALLLLLLLLS.
Dude, I freaking love Pote Usa Loppy… this is for real one of the cutest
bunny plushes you can get your hands on nowadays…
Can you imagine having one this big and cuddly…

Neko Atsume Giant 12″ Guy Furry Plush

Neko Atsume has so many plushes and other adorable merch now!!
This new one  is for the chef character.
…You know, I played through this game back before it had an English translation,
and I… had no idea that this guy’s name became “Guy Furry”……………..

Daramofu-san Minna Nakayoshi Plush Collection

Omg!!  Doesn’t their round, tummy-laying shape remind you of Tsum-Tsums?
…Or, well, I guess they aren’t little at all, are they??

Pote Usa Loppy Baby Rabbit Plush Collection

More!!!!  Giant!!!!!!  Loppies!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh… my… GOSH these ones are so sweetly pastel!!
That one with the pacifier is…….. so cute…………

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Kawaii Felt Crafts – Mochi Plushie DIY Tutorial (Video)

Friday, November 6th, 2015

How To Make A Kawaii Mochi Plushie Tutorial

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

After a bout of cold, grey days, it feels really good to browse soft and cuddly plushes and blankets and stuff like these!!  Ohhhh I just want to wrap up in them and have hot chocolate!!

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (1)

Hello Kitty Pastel Soft Backpack (4 Colors)

The other colors that this soft plush backpack comes in
have different fruit motifs!!
Big, soft backpacks like this can hold a lot more goodies inside
than you’d think – I carried around a plush Hello Kitty-shaped
backpack during a beach trip once and it held EVERYTHING
from my purse. o_o

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (2)

Hamtaro or Bijou Giant Stuffed Plush

Ahhhh Hamtaro is SOOO CUUTE!!
And Bijou’s little ponytails are so precious!
These look so big and huggable!!

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (3)

Soft Sherpa Sheep Pillow Blanket

Ahh sheepies are so sweet~
This one looks so dreamy and extra soft!!
Now THIS is the kind of blankie I am talking about
when I say I want to cuddle up and sip hot chocolate.

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (4)

Soft Snuggly Paw Mittens

I wouldn’t be able to wear these in Winter,
because the tips of my fingers are always the first to go freezing,
but in Autumn these would be adorable additions to a snuggly outfit!!
They come in other colors!!  I like the creamy and brown one!!

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (5)

My Melody, Kuromi, Rilakkuma, or Kutusita Nyanko Stuff Pillow Blankets

This selection of Sanrio and San-X character pillows actually open up
into blankets, just like the sheepy blanket earlier in this roundup!!
And the designs on them are really cute – click through
and check them out to see how they look unfolded~