Summer Sandals & Shoes for Sweet JFashion

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

If your Summer outfits are ready to go,
perhaps some sweet shoes and sandals are just the finishing touch!

This round-up covers recent releases from Liz Lisa,
Honey Salon, and Swankiss!

LIZ LISA Frill Lace Wedge Sandals

These sweet, lacy sandals from Liz Lisa are, like, a STAPLE of jfashion!
Perfect for any outfit with neutral Earthy tones or soft pastels,
and anything with lace!

Honey Salon Shell High Heels (Lavender)

These seashell-and-starfish designed shoes come in a couple
of other colors, too!

Honey Salon Big Pearl Sandals (Lavender)

These could almost be mermaid shoes, as well!
The big pearls on the front are like jewels found from the sea~

Swankiss Lace-Up Clear Shoes

For some more wild styles, these MASSIVE platforms
and see-through pink sneakers will perfectly complement your statement!

Swankiss Lamé Flower Sandals

Holy smokes those huge platforms are LOADED with glitter!
If I wore these, I’d want to put an entire outfit of pink glitter together.
That just sounds like a DREAM!

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Simply Sweet Casual Lolita Shoes

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Here is a really cute and sweet roundup of softly-colored shoes, for equally soft steps~  While bows on toes is traditional of Lolita, I think that these make a preciously sweet accent to casual or dressy outfits as well.

Simply Sweet Casual Lolita Shoes (1)

Sweet Heart-Shaped Open Mary Janes

The sweetheart shape over the toes is one of the cutest extra touches
that I have seen recently!  Besides that, these Maryjanes have
a simple and sweet design.

Simply Sweet Casual Lolita Shoes (2)

Cute Kitty Face Suede Mary Janes

Omg kitties!!
The other colors that this comes in are so cute –
You can even get a leopard print one
for a more ferocious kitty. >:3

Simply Sweet Casual Lolita Shoes (3)

Pastel Sweet Lolita Shoes

A classic Lolita design!!
Solid colors with big bows on the toes,
and fairly low heels.

Simply Sweet Casual Lolita Shoes (4)

Casual Sweet Contrast Scallop Bow Shoes

Ahh, two-tone shoes like this are sooo cute!
And there is a lace-like scallop around the top of the shoes~

Simply Sweet Casual Lolita Shoes (5)

Sweet Pastel Contrast Scallop Bow Wedge Heels

Pretty similar to the previous ones, although the bow is slightly different,
BUT!  These have a wedge heel, which is my preference, hehe~

Extremely Cute Pastel Sneakers + Bunny Dress Shoes for Being Cute Every Day

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Today I was browsing for cute things to feature and found a new Aliexpress seller that I like: Meow Girl!  They have a wide selection of cutesy clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories, although you have to dig for it through anime stuff and dakimakura girls. n_n;  Anyway, I was surprised by their selection of awesome shoes!!!  Most of these are kawaii sneakers but then I also found some more dressy shoes with BUNNY MOTIFS!!!


Dream Vision Honey Bear Sweet Sneakers

I have seen these on DreamV’s store before and I fell in love with them!!
There are so many details of this that are cute –
the plush bear, the embroidered bee, the scalloped edges…
But ohmygosh, I love that the laces are that wide, sheer ribbon!


Pastel Heart Harajuku Sneakers

Awwwww yissss THIS is what I am talking about!!
Ideal for fairy-kei coodinates, chunky pastel sneakers are a must!!
This color combination is awesommmmme!


Little Twin Stars Pastel Sneakers

Oh my gosh these are so cute too!!!
Less bright and vibrant than the previous, this Little Twin Stars pair
is softer colors, in the sweetest cotton candy color scheme ever~


Dream Vision Bunny Motif Chunky Heel Shoes

I.  Love.  These.  So.  Much.  I NEED THEM!!!
They’re cutesy, yes, but also SO PRETTY???
A little bit elegant??  And can be worn with dressier coordinates??


Bunny Ear + Bow Flat Dress Shoes

I love these tooooooo!!
They appear to be a soft material, like suede.
And I appreciate cute shoes available as flats,
since I cannot go all the time wearing heels.
The bunny ears are just subtle enough to be cute but still a little classy!

Pretty Pink Sweet Hime Gyaru Shoes!

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

There are a lot of words to describe the styles that these shoes could work for – hime gyaru, sweet hime, casual hime, roma gyaru, hime kaji…  There are likely countless others whose names I haven’t even heard.

But!!  Regardless, here are some sweet pink shoes (and other colors, too!) decorated with dainty bows and comfortable, chunky heels.

Women's Lolita Sweet Party Butterfly-Knot Wedges Sandals Japanese Princess Sandals

Flowery Scalloped Wedge Heels

Omg, those 3D flowers all over the heel (and bows along the back)

new summer sweet double bow slope thick bottom Princess sandals 138-2 women shoes wedge cute bowknot sandals pumps

Dainty Bow Wedge Heels

The tiny criss-crossing stitches and bows around the heel are
these shoes’ charm point!!  And of course the bows on the toes, too!

floral wedge sandals

Floral Chiffon Bow Wedge Sandals

The fabric on these sandals actually comes in a LOT of designs –
just clickthrough to the product page to see all of them!
My favorites are the florals, though!  There are these pink ones,
and pink floral on a black background, and a lovely floral
with a princess blue background as well~

velvet bow wedges

Velvety Bow Wedges

Every time I see brown and pink together,
I think of milky chocolately flavors~
The velvet texture of the bows on these is reinforcing that visual!


Dear My Love Lace Scallop Ankle Boots

I was so pleasantly surprised to find DreamV shoes!
The scalloped ruffle around the ankles of these boots
are such a cute, classy look~

The Fanciest and Cutest Shoes of ALL TIME!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Because feet should be feared.


Flower Cake Princess Sandals

Look at this.  I wouldn’t be able to walk in this, and I don’t mean from clumsiness.
I mean these are works of art, and you do not walk in them for the same reason
you do not walk in antique porcelain teacups.

They come in more colors that you can see through the link –
a lovely antique ivory and robin’s egg blue.



Those are bunnies.
As heels.  On shoes.
Pink bunnies on polka dot shoes.
All of humanity has led up to this.

More colors through the link.


Woodland Deer Heels

If bunny heels weren’t enough, here is a woodland deer variation.
The other colors for this one are REALLY cute, it was hard
to narrow it down to just one to show off here,
but pink always prevails.


Bunny Pumps

Speaking of bunny heels, here’s another variation of the same theme.
Comes in black and white as well.


Rose & Sequin Wedge Sandals

Roses on toeses always look himegyaru to me~
The sequins on the wedges give this one some extra flashy color.