Kawaii Felt Crafts – Molang Notebook DIY Tutorial (Video)

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

DIY: How To Make A Molang Bunny Felt Notebook Tutorial

Cute Desktop Accessories from ModCloth!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

If you’re like me and spend a lot of time on the Internet on the prowl for cute things, you probably already know about ModCloth.

While ModCloth started out specializing in vintage fashion and decor, nowadays their online store showcases tons and tons and TONS of adorable modern accessories!!

I’m a huge sucker for adorable stationery and small decor stuff, so this post will highlight some of my favorite desktop accessories of theirs. c:

Mushroom Kingdom Eraser Potoh mY GOSH SEE THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.


Maybe you can relate to this, but I just have this need to surround myself with cute things. And fun pastel colors on inanimate objects with cute little faces – that’s just

that’s just a recipe for pure unbridled love.

Hops and Dreams Tape DispenserBUNNIES
they are only among my most favorite things on this PLANET.

How could I possibly resist a precious little ceramic bunny on my desk, so perfectly willing to hold my tape for me?

Stick Out Paper Tape Set…And here is some pretty, girly decorative tape for loading into your tape-dispensing bunny. c:
What I Wore Today by Gemma CorrellI love-love-love-LOVE doodle diaries!!

Keeping track of what you wear is a great way to take pride in the way you present yourself, and helps you develop new ideas for great outfits!

I just love the whole concept of this book. ; 3;

Tracing Rainbows Pencil and Eraser Set…And this cheerful little pencil/eraser set is just perfect for drawing in your fashion doodle diary!!



Cute Cinnamoroll Finds on Ebay!

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

As I promised yesterday, from here on out we’ll be seeing daily posts from me as I venture ’round the Interwebs in search of THE CUTEST FINDS.

And idk man there aren’t many characters that are cuter than Cinnamoroll, so this seemed like a really good starting point for this new endeavor of mine.  Here’s a handful of merch I found on Ebay! Click the images to go right to their listing.

These listings are fairly time sensitive!  If you like them, snatch them up fast! X3

Cinnamoroll PlushCUTIE!!

A perfect little plush like this is a great kick-off for this post. X3

Look at that little face. o^o

Cinnamoroll Memo PadI have a massive weakness for cute stationery, you guys.

This one has four different paper designs, and they’re all in sweet pastel hues that Cinnamoroll is known for. Clickthrough to see them all. 😀

Cinnamoangels Bedding – Fitted Sheet & Pillow CasesAhhhhh this bedding is so cute, I am dying. oAo

These are the Cinnamoangels, a small spin-off of Cinnamoroll’s character.

Oh, and this listing is only for a fitted sheet and pillow cases! But there are three different styles to choose from (it was hard to pick just one to show a picture of!).

Fluffy Cinnamoroll PlushesFLUUFFFYYYYYY… @3@

These plushes are actually slightly larger than the first one I posted on this page. And this is just my opinion, but I think they’re cuter, too.

Look at those little bows. ; 3;~

Cinnamoroll Tote BagAnnnnd we’ll finish off this post with this very cute tote bag.

As if I need another bag!!

B-but look at the teacups… oAo

…And thus ends today’s little shopping feature!! Now wasn’t that painless? I’ll be back tomorrow with more. :3