Gentle & Lovely Sweet Lolita & Soft Sister Finds

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

I love the darling Lolita Fashion items that have shown up on Taobao lately!  For a little while, “Soft sister” style had taken over, and it was hard to find Lolita items mixed in with them.  Now, I think that they coexist happily and peacefully, and the result is beautiful clothes for us!

Dark Gothic Lolita Dress with Gold Stars & Moon

What a sweet and enchanting look!
The small golden star buttons and moon in the center of a bow
really make for a beautiful contrast against the black dress!
This listing offers a choice between a short or long-sleeved dress,
and you can buy some matching hair accessories, too!

Pastel Seifuku Cardigan with Embroidered Patch

A soft and sweet jacket like this is awesome to throw over a cute outfit!
There are a TON of pretty pastel color choices to choose from~
They each have a different embroidered design, too –
Several of them are Sailor Moon emblems!

Powder Blue Layered Ruffle Dress

There is an elegant Wa Lolita look to this dress!
The ruffles hanging looooow on the shoulders are SO pretty.
Don’t miss the LOONG hanging ribbons on either side of the sleeves!

Creamy Rose Ruffle Lolita Dress

The little buttons on the front of this buttery cream-colored dress are TINY ROSES!!
Again, there is the choice between a short-sleeved and long-sleeved version of this dress.
However, what I LOVE the most about this listing is that there is also
a BEAUTIFUL sheer apron to go along with it!!
I really want that piece a lot – it would layer so prettily over so many things!

Retro Classic Lolita Chiffon Rose Dress

What a perfectly classical Lolita look,
with that head piece and rocking horse shoes!!
There are long and short-sleeved variations for both colors shown~

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Cute Kawaii Lolita Dresses Available on YesStyle!

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Are you up for feeling MEGA CUTE AND SWEET??

Then, my dudes, this selection of soft and darling dresses
will send your dainty heart aflutter!

Rabbit Print Long Sleeve Lolita Dress

The print is small to see in the above image, so you MUST click through
to see the previous little bunnies that are printed all over this dress!
Wine red and soft off-white are so lovely together,
and this dress is available in both white-on-red and red-on-white.

Short-Sleeve Lolita Cosplay Dress

This navy blue A-line dress has a sailor-style collar and front bow!!
This is actually available in a LOT of colors, including pastels –
click through to this item and then browse the related items
to see them all!

Lolita Zodiac Constellation Cosplay Costume

With the illustration of the girl beside the thumbnails for this dress,
I wonder if this is a cosplay item from dress-up games like Romantic Diary or Love Nikki?
Either way, it is a beautiful and romantic, starry navy blue dress
that just looks dreamy beyond belief!

Long-Sleeve Lolita Swan Border Print Cosplay Dress

The swan illustration around the border of this dress brings to mind
a Metamorphose print of the same subject~
I love the pure sky blue color option!

Pastel Lolita Cosplay Costume

Okay, I indulged a bit and included this cosplay-y outfit in this roundup!
I just love the soft, sweet, ice cream-like pastel colors of this apron and dress together!
Y’all, I need a cute and frilly apron like this to wear around the house
for when I am cleaning and straightening up and stuff. ;A;

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Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

You know, it’s okay to treat yourself to some things around the holidays, too!!  You need something cute and pretty to wear on Christmas day, right??  Here’s a small handful of fairly cheap Lolita items that were just listed in my favorite stores!

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (1)

Sweet Lolita Cute Strawberry Print on Blue Lolita JSK Dress

An adorable piece that would fit in Sweet or Country Lolita styles!!
I love warm colors against a blue background~
This makes me pine for Summer, something we desperately need
around this season!

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (2)

White Long Sleeve with Ribbon Bow Lolita Blouse

A simple and important piece in building a Lolita coordinate!!
I like that the sleeves ruffle around the bottom edge,
and the vertical rows of lace down the center~

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (3)

Black and White Stripe Lolita A-Line OP Dress

Okay, I’m supposed to write about the dress here,
but her awesome rhinestone undereye details have me transfixed!
That makeup is awesome!!

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (4)

Long Ruffle and Lace Lolita Skirt in Three Colors

PRETTY!! (/*o*\)  The soft white version of this could have gone
in yesterday’s Wintery Snow Princess roundup~
It’s also soooo pretty in pink – and it comes in black, too!

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (5)

Cute Lolita Underbust Suspender Skirt Dress & White Wonderland Blouse

In this listing, you can actually get both the skirt/dress and the blouse!!
What a soft creamy orangey-pink that dress is~
The blouse has Alice in Wonderland design details on the collar!

BABY the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Lolita Items For Sale

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Wunderwelt is a Rakuten seller of Lolita brands!! Browsing their store could be an alternative to searching a seller community – you might even find your dream dress here, as they have many classic and highly desired Lolita items listed in excellent condition!

Today’s roundup features Baby the Stars Shine Bright items, particularly Sweet Lolita ones!

BABY the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Lolita Items For Sale (1)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Fairytail Topiary JSK

Holy smokes, the painterly design on this dress is gorgeous!!
There are small fairies amidst the flowers in the border,
along with the flowering topiary animals and castles.
Click through to the product page to see the detail shots – they’re beautiful!

BABY the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Lolita Items For Sale (2)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Full Ruffle Tiers Pink Princess Lolita Skirt

Ahhh this is such a perfectly ruffly pink princess skirt!!
The bow pinned to one side is included –
you could pin it to your blouse or wear it in your hair to bring your outfit together!

BABY the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Lolita Items For Sale (3)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright White Usakumya Crossbody Bag

Usakumya is essentially a celebrity figure himself!!
Bags shaped in his image show up in tons of the cutest coords.
It would be a dream come true to actually own one!

BABY the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Lolita Items For Sale (4)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Fluffy Pink Bow Headband

The pearly accents on this fuzzy pink bow make it extra cute!
And it’s easy to miss, but it also has lace along the edges!!
Fluffy fabric like this is extra cute in fairy kei coords, too!

BABY the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Lolita Items For Sale (5)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Classic Floral Strawberries JSK, Black

Gosh, the floral design on this, accented with bows and strawberries,
is so dang pretty!!  Black is such a striking and classical color, too~

How to Make an OTT Frilly, Ruffly, Bow-Covered Sweet/Hime Lolita JSK DIY Tutorial (Video)

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Kawaii DIY – How to make a fancy sweet lolita dress for anime conventions and new year parties.

Turn annotations ON if they are not already showing up in the video above.

Yumi King’s note:

This dress is very easy to make, but it takes a lot of time because all these bows and ruffles. It took me 5 days to finish this dress. You can see the brightness of the background are different because I filmed this video in 5 different days. You can wear it to anime conventions and parties ^^