You Can Basically Become a Pastel Rainbow Unicorn with These

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Whatever started the current unicorn trend, I’m incredibly grateful for it.
Finally, other people are appreciating how awesome and cute
unicorns are!!!  It’s not just us!!!

A happy side effect is that now, us unicorn lovers can find
cute and beautiful unicorn products pretty much EVERYWHERE!

Here are just a few of the really popular unicorn items
that are just perfect for your unicorn collection
if you haven’t picked them up yet!

Pastel Rainbow Highlighter Makeup

This highlighter has definitely caught on,
I think every beauty blog posted about it LOL!
Who wouldn’t love a soft, shimmery rainbow swept across one’s cheeks?

Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Makeup Brushes

There are several variations in color for these swirly unicorn horn brushes
with rainbow bristles – and this particular one is my favorite!
The lavender purple has a pearlescent sheen over it
that is very visible in one of the other preview images
when you click through to the product page~

Kawaii Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Squishy Toy

Stim toys and other attention-occupying, stress-relief accessories
are definitely also a massive trend right now, and these squishy toys
have been around even longer than that!
Round out both your unicorn collection and your stim toy collection
with this pastel unicorn that is soft enough to squeeze~

Sweet Hime Lolita Gold Heart Rhinestone Necklace

All right, there isn’t anything specifically unicorn-like about this jewelry, but…
it’s so beautiful, dainty, and gold, it just struck me as something
a beautiful unicorn would wear!
Channel your inner golden winged unicorn with one of these
sweet, delicate little winged heart necklaces.

Sweet Hime Lolita Gold Winged Heart Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet

Okay, same deal as the previous piece.
In fact, this winged heart bracelet seems to perfectly match the necklace!
Wearing the two pieces together, you could easily be mistaken
for unicorn royalty~

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Funky Pastel Fashion – The Latest from ACDC Rag

Monday, June 12th, 2017

ACDC Rag is a colorful and funky brand that leans more
on the punk side of jfashion, but intermixed throughout their lineup
are some of these cuter and more pastel-colored pieces
that are so perfectly soft and cute.

ACDC RAG AC Unicorn Small Size T-shirt

This is so cute and pastel and so perfectly suitable for fairy-kei!

ACDC RAG Milk Big Size T-shirt

A pastel tie-dye design with a repeating pattern of milk cartons.
Yup.  That’s what this is all right.

ACDC RAG Lollipop Unicorn Chibi T-Shirt

LMAO the art of this unicorn is kind of????
But you know what, I love it.
And you get more funky tie-dye.

ACDC RAG Lace Tille Tutu Skirt

This is available in a whole lot of colors!!
This asymmetrical style of soft and floofy skirt always
makes me think of fairies.

ACDC RAG Rabbit Sailor Top

ok this one is not pastel…
But, we all know by now that rabbit-eared things are my great weakness.
There was no way I wasn’t posting this big cozy sailor-style top
with long, hanging bunny ears.

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Fantastical Fabulous Unicorn Fabric for Crafts & Sewing

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Ok so you probably already know that I have been sewing a lot lately… so browsing fabric is something I have been doing of late as well~  And is probably the easiest place to search for unique stuff!  On a whim I happened to find some FANTASTICAL MAGICAL fabric with unicorns on it, and then I realized that they have an ENTIRE CATEGORY on the subject, so HERE ARE SOME OF MY FINDINGS!!

unicorn fabric (1)

Timeless Treasures Unicorn Sky Fabric

This reminds me of the book covers from fantasy series that I would get
from Scholastic book fairs in the 90s.

unicorn fabric (2)

Michael Miller Unicorn Princess Unicorn Frolic Opal Fabric

More whimsical and cute, these pudgy ponies come on a couple
of different background colors!

unicorn fabric (3)

Timeless Treasures Glitter Unicorns Multi Fabric

Did you hear that??  GLITTER!!!
Glittery fabric is 300x better than regular fabric!
And ohhh my gosh I love the pastel colors in this one,
and all of that artsy foliage and background work.

unicorn fabric (4)

Michael Miller Princess Charming Unicorn Town Brite Fabric

This one is cute!!! and!!! colorful!!! and!!! fun!!!
Haha I just fell in love with all of the polka dots and
fancy little castle spires!

unicorn fabric (5)

Heather Ross Far Far Away Unicorn Blue Fabric

This brings to mind a famous unicorn tapestry, the Hunt of the Unicorn.
It features a unicorn sitting similarly to the one
laying down in the middle of this fabric!
So, this fabric would make a cool project for an art history buff
that is also a unicorn fan~