Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to take better care of your skin?  Or perhaps just to indulge more and take care of yourself because it feels good?  Here are the bestselling Korean beauty items on YesStyle at the moment, to treat yourself to for some quick pick-me-up skin care!

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (1)

Tony Moly – I’m Real Mask Sheet 1pc

Facial masks like these are all the rage right now!!
They feel soo good on your face, and leave you feeling even better
even after removing them.
There are a bunch of varieties of this one
that all achieve different things for your skin!

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (2)

Etude House – My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band

Kitty ears!!
You shouldn’t let stray hairs fall into your face while you are washing it
or treating it with anything, but holding it back with something
can be a minor inconvenience…
But if you had a headband as cute as this one, you would probably
be enthusiastic about never forgetting to wear it!

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (3)

Innisfree – Gel Liner

A gel eyeliner that comes in 10 colors.
Ooh, that rosy pink one looks so pretty!!
It would be a lot of fun to switch up what color your eyeliner is
to match your outfit.

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (4)

TOSOWOONG – Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack 8pcs

A pack of nose masks to clean your pesky pores out!!
They are made of all the best stuff for sucking oil out and cleansing.

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (5)

TOSOWOONG – Seven Days Tattoo Eyebrow

If your eyebrows need filling out, these will help you a lot!!
They claim to add color that lasts a whole week.

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (6)

Etude House – Stay Up Foundation SPF 30 PA++ (Beige)

This classic Etude House foundation is on Final Clearance right now!!
You really want to get it while you can!

Cute Japanese and Korean Beauty Products for Pampering Yourself!

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Ahh, I haven’t covered makeup in a little while!!  Here is a selection from YesStyle’s recommended beauty products!

Cute Japanese and Korean Beauty Products for Pampering Yourself! (1)

YesStyle Beauty – Etude House Beauty Sample Set

If you can’t decide on one product or brand to treat yourself to –
a selection of samples is like opening a bunch of Christmas gifts!!
Your face will love you.

Cute Japanese and Korean Beauty Products for Pampering Yourself! (2)

Berrisom – Oops Tint Cheek Cushion

I adore blushes that come in liquid and cream form!!
The colors that this comes in are sooo pretty,
and their hue comes out so clear upon application!!

Cute Japanese and Korean Beauty Products for Pampering Yourself! (3)

Tony Moly – Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (#05 Juicy Peach)

Well, you can click through and find all of the other colors, too,
I just picked this sweet pink one to link to~

I love, love, LOVE these bunny lip gloss bars!!
They are so… so… SO…. CUUUUUTE!!!

Cute Japanese and Korean Beauty Products for Pampering Yourself! (4)

My Scheming – Ultra-Radiance Black Foam Mask

Omg facial mask,
make me anime!!!

Cute Japanese and Korean Beauty Products for Pampering Yourself! (5)

Hiya Pure – Hello Kitty Facial Cream

Lately, I am obsessed with various facial creams…
If I can put it on my face to freshen up upon waking up in the morning,
or leave it on in the evening to moisturize overnight, then I WANT IT.
And the Hello Kitty packaging that this series comes in is soooo cute.

Cute & Convenient Things For Your Home or Apartment

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Having little things in your living space that are cute will make you smile every time you use them!  Filling your lifestyle with these small happinesses will begin to positively impact your mood.  And yes, even small, unimportant items around your house or apartment like these can contribute to that difference.  Cuteness is that powerful!

cute convenient things for home (1)

Bow-Accent Ruffled Switch Cover

The square cutout at the center of this is sized for Japanese lightswitch plates,
so this may not fit over a vertically rectangular lightswitch, but alternatively
it could be hung over a hook or other small feature on the wall!
This comes in a few polka-dotted colors –
the brown one makes the cute bears look extra chocolatey!

cute convenient things for home (2)

Kitty Cat Hanging Pocket

Omg these cute kitties!!
These look super convenient for tossing things into
when you come in the door, etc etc~
The fabric that the kitties are printed onto,
and the wooden dowel that they hang from
give this a cottage-y, vintage-y look!

cute convenient things for home (3)

Pastel Polka Dot Tape Measure

Ok, I need to have tape measure with me ALL THE TIME,
and especially if I’m going to be carrying it in my purse,
I am going to want it to look cute and colorful!!
I loooove the pastel, polka-dotted colors that these heart-shaped
tape measures come in!!

cute convenient things for home (4)

Water Hourglass

This entry strays from the ‘cute’ them of the rest of my posts –
this one’s just PRETTY!!
The water inside combined with the cut of the glass looks crystalline~
And these hourglasses come in several colors and sizes!
They look pretty displayed in a group like this~

cute convenient things for home (5)

Kawaii Bunny Soap Dish

Okay, back to CUTE for this entry!
Ohhh myyyy goosssssh I would love that pink one!!
The page for these also shows off these cute bunnies
holding convenient items by the kitchen sink
in addition to their obvious use in the bathroom!

Lucky Trendy False Lashes for Gyaru or Any Other Look!

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Lashes are pretty much a required staple for gyaru makeup and beauty!  There are a few ‘styles’ of gyaru lashes that stand out as common themes that you will see a lot as you are browsing for lashes.  These selections come from the YesStyle brand LUCKY TRENDY.

minty princess wing tip flick lashes

Gyaru Princess Outer Edge Dramatic Flick Lashes

These just became my dream lashes!!!
The multiple flicks of dramatic lashes at the outer edge
remind me of drawing cartoon characters and anime eyes~
And I love the minty princess packaging, too!

gyaru princess voluminous outer edge lashes

Gyaru Princess Voluminous Outer Edge Lashes

These lashes concentrate their volume on the outer edge,
and are thickly dispersed throughout as well~
Rather than looking cartoonish, these are like a ‘natural’ lash.

gyaru princess alternating volume lashes

Gyaru Princess Alternating Volume Lashes

The alternating thickness of these lashes
make a stripe-like design across your eyelashes.
It is a very romantic style to wear!

gyaru princess alternating volume stripe lashes

Gyaru Princess Alternating Stripe Lashes

A style similar to the previous, with the alternation made more dramatic.
I always thought that this style of lash looks crystal-like,
as if reflective lines are being attentively drawn around your eyes.
Maybe that’s weird, I don’t know, haha. 😀

brown and black criss cross crystal lashes

Brown and Black Criss-Cross Crystal Lashes

This cris-crossing style of lashes is common for gyaru as well,
but this is the first time I have seen brown and black overlapped like this!
It is a very subtle dramatic effect that adds voluminous depth!

Pretty Hair Ribbons and Bow Barrettes :D

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Bows, bows, BOWS!!  You don’t need any kind of elaborate hairstyle for these.  Just clip them in – maybe at the back of your head, maybe on one side or the other, or near your face.  And bam, instant frilliness.

wide soft solid color hair bow barrette

Wide Soft Color Hair Bow Barrette

This comes in incredibly soft neutral pastel colors!!
I love hoe long the bow tails hang~

wide lace chiffon hair bow barrette

Wide Lace Chiffon Hair Bow Barrette

Omggg look at this pretty dainty embroidered lace!!
This bow is so voluminous and so elegant!! *o*

leaf cascade hair bow barrette

Leaf Cascade Hair Bow Barrette

Eeee the trailing leaves from this bow are so pretty!

floral chiffon hair bow barrette

Floral Chiffon Hair Bow Barrette

The colors this comes in are so soft and wispy!
I can see the light chiffon fabric of this bow
being picked up by the wind and fluttering lightly~

narrow ribbon hair bow barratte

Narrow Ribbon Hair Bow Barrette

I love the multiple tails hanging down from this bow!
And there is a small detail that is very tiny and delicate –
a small rhinestone dangle in the center of the bow!