Autumn & Winter Princess Wear from Dream Vision

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

I’m in the New England area and we have already seen snowflakes!!  Soon we will be crunching through snow instead of leaves!  Well, not me.  I will be avoiding that as much as I can by snuggling inside under my heated blanket.

But if you do need to dress warmly to go out, these sweet coats, sweaters, and skirts are perfect for princesses!  Thanks, Dream Vision!! nn

Autumn & Winter Princess Wear from Dream Vision (1)

Dear My Love Scallop-Edge Lolita Coat with Capelet

This harks back to the good olden’ days of DreamV!!
It’s wonderful seeing that sweet princess pieces like this are still produced~

Autumn & Winter Princess Wear from Dream Vision (2)

Dream Vision Fluffy Off-the-Shoulder Polka Dot Peasant Sweater

I loooove the cut of peasant blouses~
The material this is made of is so fluffy!!
The polka dots make it extra cute, and the ribbon details make pretty bows. c:

Autumn & Winter Princess Wear from Dream Vision (3)

Dream Vision High-Waisted Pinstripe Skirt

This almost looks like a Classic Lolita skirt!!
Very prim and pretty, and made of heavy enough material
to be wearing in the Autumn.

Autumn & Winter Princess Wear from Dream Vision (4)

Dream Vision Retro Ruffle Autumn Onepiece Dress

At a glance, this almost looks like a dress version of the skirt above!!
It’s just as classically pretty, and also available in navy blue.

Autumn & Winter Princess Wear from Dream Vision (5)

Dream Vision Rose Print with Fur Collar Gyaru Coat

Omg this is so stylishly fab!! *o*
It also comes in a black + pink variety, which looks EXTRA classic-Gyaru.

Autumn & Winter Princess Wear from Dream Vision (6)

Dream Vision Ribbon-Woven Cable Knit Long Sweater Dress

Ahh!!  More of those ribbons woven through cable knit sweaters!!
I am a huge fan of this trend.
I loooove long sweaters like this, too.
It comes in four softly sweet colors!!

Cute & Pretty Dresses from Dream Vision!

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

I’m featuring Dream Vision/Yumetenbo again, because I found a lot of cute dresses that they were featuring! \(^o^)/

dream vision dresses (1)

Long Sleeve Fairy Tale Dress with Cape

Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest, most Red Riding Hood-like dress!!
This is for going on your own adventures through the woods in~

dream vision dresses (2)

Classic Gingham Flower Garden Picnic Dress

Soooo pretty!!
This looks like the kinds of dresses I’ve fallen in love with from Candy Rain!
Pink and soft blue is probably among my favorite color combinations.

dream vision dresses (3)

Pastel Chiffon Mermaid Dress

For the sweet mermaids out there!
You know what would be perfect with this?
These soft pastel mermaid shoes in the same colors!

dream vision dresses (4)

Blue Stripe Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Dress

This looks a little nautical!

dream vision dresses (5)

White & Pink Floral Cocktail Dress

This looks ‘dressier’ than the other dresses featured here.
It would be classy and pretty for an agejo style!

Soft, Heartful Items from Dream Vision

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Oh, Dream Vision, it is growing ever so much harder to find sweet hime items in your store now! ・°・(ノД`)・°・  BUT!  I did pull together enough for a themed post today~  And that theme is HEARTY-HEARTS!! ヽ(❤ω❤)ノ


Fluffy Heart Applique High-Waisted Skirt

The hearts!!  On this skirt!!  ARE FLUFFY!!!
And I really, really love the length of this skirt, too~


Ruffle Heart Platform Sandals

Neutral pastels are cute, sure,
but these are like… really, REALLY neutral…
But even so, the heart design surrounded by ruffles
is incredibly cute!


Dream Vision Sweet Maid Style Dress

This counts!!!  The buttons are shaped like tiny hearts!!
And this was, like, the sweetest himekaji-like item in the store,
so it had to go in this listing.


Heart Cluster Sandal Wedges

I often feel like I do not have enough hearts over my toes.
I’m not sure.  I think we can fit more hearts on these shoes.
It will be a tight fit but we can do it.

pastel mermaid shoes

Pastel Mermaid Shoes

ok.  i broke the rule.  i broke away from the heart theme.
But these. are. MERMAID. SHOES.
There is even a beautiful soft pastel gradient over the heel and platform!!