Today’s Outfit: My Little Blue and Purple Pony

September 5, 2011

Probably dooming myself by posting this so late in the day. XD; I went and did all my chores for the day before stopping to take pictures, and then spent a lot of time fixing up the photos and generally took my sweet time in uploading them and finally writing all of this.

I’ll try to be better about Today’s Outfit posts in the future! oAo

So here’s what I wore today, my favorite t-shirt and pants coordinated together to the color theme of blue and purple.

This is my favorite graphic tee that I own. ; 3;~ I nabbed it off Delias‘ online store when it was on super clearance. It was like $6!

The purple corduroy pants are also from Delias (and were also on clearance).

The white text at the bottom says “Best friends forever” … for some reason, idk.

Necklace:  Claire’s

This elastic purple headband I have looks like a frilly headdress! ^o^ Accent it with a blue bow and you are super coordinated. I like putting barrettes over my headbands because it actually helps to hold the headband in place!

Headband: Generic brand from the pharmacy lol.
Barrette: Circo (in the dollar deal bins at Target XD)

My makeup is super faded there (remember; took these pictures at the end of the day XD), so I put together this little thing to demonstrate the colors I used and where:

White (it had glitter in it!) under the brow and at the inner corner of the eye, purple in the crease and wrapping around the outer corner to underneath the eye, and blue on the lid. This particular palette of colors is from Claire’s.

This is my “safe” eyeshadow layout that I use pretty much every day, except with different colors. Highlight under the brow, contrast in the crease, main color on the lid.

On my wrists are these accessories:

Star bracelet: random party favor 8D;
My Melody Watch: McDonald’s, decorated with a bow and rosebud myself.
Rainbow Dash bracelet: Party City, rofl party favor jewelry everywhere.
Blue scallop bangle & purple bangle: Dollar Treeeeeee >3< I have a lot of accessories in a lot of colors. 8D Specifically so I can mix and match them in different combinations like this. You can see more of them in the background of this pic:

…which is the colors I would have painted my nails today if I weren’t so very, very lazy. They are, as you can tell, from Claire’s.

So there’s my first real Today’s Outfit post.  I hope to do more of these (an interesting goal to set for myself considering I don’t have much of a wardrobe??), and I’ll also look into joining the sites Polyvore and Lookbook.  Yeah.  I should… join those.

And that’s the end of my post.

Monday, September 5th, 2011   9:16 pm
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4 Responses to “Today’s Outfit: My Little Blue and Purple Pony”

  1. steffne Says:

    ARGH Awesome outfit! OuO <33

    Ohohoh and I used to hate the eyeshadow fadey thing, used to be the bane of mah life because I loves colours.
    I use urban decay eye primer, once that shizz is on your eyelid. Your eyeshadow aint going anywhere.
    I've fallen asleep with it on sometimes and woken up with my eyes all still intact HAHA. Epiccc!

  2. Bridget Says:

    Thanks so much Steph!! 8D I want eye primer sooo bad. ; ^; It’s on my wishlist, but I don’t have the spare funds for it currently. u_u

    For the most part I don’t mind my makeup fading, ’cause when I go out it’s not for all day. o_O Just a few hours at a time.

  3. lozeh~ Says:

    Blue and purple is my favourite colour combination ♪

  4. Bridget Says:

    Oh thanks. o3o Blue and purple is an awesome one! >3< I think my favorite combination forever will be pink and blue. 😀 And then pink and green is in super close second!