Let’s Play Hatoful Boyfriend Part 4

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To speed these posts up a bit, I’m skipping a chunk of content that happened during our heroine Bunny Bani’s Summer break. It’s not that the events weren’t interesting (they were), it’s only that they are side-story arcs that are unrelated to Shuu’s, and really the focus of this playthrough, if you hadn’t noticed, was to reach Shuu’s ending.

So basically, what we’re skipping over is the meeting of a biker chick sparrow named Azami, and a short meeting with an adorable blue gentlebird budgerigar who would have been our boss if we decided to work part-time at the cafe for him, but Bani-chan decided to give the position up to Ryouta instead, since he needed the job more than she did. (And just as a bonus note to my readers: if you want to complete Azami’s little side story, DON’T give the cafe job up to Ryouta. You’ll see what happens!)

Anyway! On with today’s post. Remember, we’ve skipped much of the content of Summer vay-cay. There’s still some time left before Bunny starts going to school again, though, and that’s where we’re picking up from right now. c:

Oh boy oh boy, let’s ask somebirdie out! …SNKFDSHKBFKLKGH LOOK WHOSE NAME IS ON HERE!!

Whoops our fangirling almost scared him away.

He called me fascinating. *o*



Yes that is far less creepy thank you

So he’s a little bit weird!  This is only a minor hurdle!  I’m sure he’ll turn out to be just fine as we become closer friends!

That laugh again… Come on, this is supposed to be romantic.

Successful date GET!

Some nights later…

A fateful encounter!  Perhaps a romantic stroll through the park at night…?

…The music is playing again… This game has changed how I feel about Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy forever…

Well I’m sure it’s not anything too suspicious.

He’s disposing of the bodies.

So is murdering!


And Nanaki-san knows a thing or two about oversleeping.

Uhhh I guess we’re kind of a WHOLE DAY early…

Sure, let’s help teach’ out.  See, we got free tea out of the deal!

I like sweet tea, too! n3n

All right, now time for the REAL first day of school.

Chapter 2, begin!

And our heroine finds a discarded student ID.  Let’s return it to someone responsible. u3u

Wh – no – I said “responsible,” not “murderous.”  On the plus side, it’s nice to be greeted with something besides “What are you doing here?”

… u_u


Well, that was quite a change of attitude.   What was THAT all about?  Hoho


Is it just me or is the doc getting creepier…?

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Useful Link: Download Hatoful Boyfriend here!


Saturday, February 18th, 2012   10:29 pm
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