Newest Barbie Dolls

Barbie is a lady I spent an awful lot of time when I was growing up. :3 In my adult years, I appreciate her all the more! I haven’t stopped admiring Barbie dolls at all, and always make a trip down that shockingly pink aisle whenever I’m paying a visit to the toy store.

Here are the latest listings on Amazon showcasing the newest dolls in the lineup.

Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 Merliah Transforming Doll

Mermaid Tale 2 is the newest CG Barbie movie that’s been released. And yup, I’ll admit it… I watch them sometimes. . 3.

I like the warm sunrise-y colors of this doll! Especially the streaks in her hair! n3n

Barbie In a Mermaid Tale 2 Mermaid Doll and Sea Lion Pet Set

Another doll from the new movie. The mold of her face is different, but kind of cute!

And I thought the sea lion coated in glitter was just fabulous.

Barbie Flower ‘N Flutter Fairy Barbie Doll

The colors!! *o* THOSE WINGS!!! *O*

Okay so the fantasy and fairy scenarios are my favorites if you couldn’t tell…

But the details are what’s important! I thought her face sculpt was super pretty and… LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!!

Barbie Princess Fantasy Dress Up Doll

Wuahh if I still played with Barbies, I would soooooo be all over this little collection. ;~; The designs of those dresses are just perfect.

Reminds me so much of the fantasy adventures I’d come up with for my dolls. This one wardrobe inspires so many stories for adventurous fairy princesses~

Barbie Princess Unicorn – Purple
(There is also a pink one)


gwhfwgszfwgggggggggggghhw unicorns.

You guys. You don’t even know. O__O


Okay that was almost too exciting for me.

Now I need to take a Barbie break before I just… spend all of my money. oAo

Maybe I’ll watch another one of her movies…………………….

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