Betsey Johnson Cute & Girly Intimates

I just showcased Betsey Johnson recently, but I had to go back to that store for more!

I’m not embarrassing anyone by posting lingerie and stuff, am I?? WE ARE ALL ADULTS HERE, COME ON.

I got nothing to hide here, man, I freaking love cute underwear and pajamas – and I love it because it’s girly and lovely~ Just a small indulgence you can treat yourself to at the end of the day, you know? 😀

CHIFFON ROMPERAhh so cute!! o^oThese would be really comfy pajamas. ; 3;

Rosy floral patterns are always elegant and princessy to me~ ♥

“I DO” LOOP TERRY ROBEWahhh this is so cute. I loooove that baby blue color! And it looks sooooo soft waw. And it’s just a little bit ruffly. ; 3;Sooo sweet. A princess would wrap up in this when she steps out of her bath~
CHIFFON AND LACE BABYDOLLNooow we are getting into the sexy things, ehehehe.Babydolls are my favorite intimates~ ♥ I usually avoid black, but the lacy details and little pink bows drew me to this one.
FLOCKED HEART SHIRRED GARTERAgain with the black-and-hot-pink, sorry.Buuuut!! I like this piece because of the ruffly skirt and motif of cute hearts.

Look at those precious little heart buckles!!

CHIFFON BABYDOLLAnd back to my sweet pastel colors, yaaaay!The site lists this cutie-patootie babydoll as blue, but it looks lavender to me!

Let’s just settle for periwinkle, because it’s a fun word.

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Monday, April 30th, 2012   9:00 am
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