Treat Your Feet with this Shoe Candy

Today’s post finds us browsing ModCloth again. The cutest selection of kicky shoes is featured below! n_n

Special Treat Wedge

Okay, so sandal wedges are probably my favorite style of shoe.

And I love polka dots.

And I love big fluffy flower accents. o^o

You Candy Do It Heels

Guess what I love even more than polka dots. GINGHAM!

And bright colors!

And bows!

And bright colors on bows! O^O

Scent a Signal Wedge

Aww how prettyyyy!!

What a lovely floral design. ♥ Like picnics in the park.

Rachel Antonoff for Bass Vice Versa Wedge in Black

More polka dots!! ^o^ I just… I just love polka dots a lot. ;_;

And as if these weren’t cute enough already, look close at the cutout little shapes at the heel. They’re hearts! Omg!

Cedar Forests Sandal

How prettyyyyy!! I just adooooore shades of neutral green. Natural is lovely!

And a floral print again. . 3. Because they’re so girly and sweet!

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Monday, May 14th, 2012   9:00 am
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