Cute & Girly Bags and Accessories from Dream Vision

Dream Vision is also sometimes known as Yumetenbo or DreamV, and it’s one of my most FAVORITEST STORES EVER!! It’s just stuffed full of sweet and girly clooooothes!! ;^;

However, I shall save actual clothing items for another day! Today, we feature bags and purses, and a hat snuck in here too. XD

Rose Hime Basket Bag


Ahhhhhh ;~~~~~~~~;

Can I just

put giant flowers on EVERYTHING

Floral Ribbon Scallop-Edged Hat

Wuahhhh how prettyyyyyy. ;_;

I loooove hats! I have a whole bunch of them!

These are so elegant and girlyyyy. ; 3;

Antique Book Purse



As a bibliophile, I would just love to have a bag that resembles one of my favorite things. ;_;

You’d feel so classical wherever you go!

Picnic Princess Basket Bag

Another super precious interpretation of a basket as a purse.

Who could resist that perfect oversized bow??

I sure can’t, let me tell ya.

Neko-chan Bag

Nyan!! OwO

Okay this

this is just really freaking cute

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Thursday, May 17th, 2012   9:00 am
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