Hello Kitty Plushes and Toys

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All hail our Almighty Lady of Kawaii, the Hello Kitty. *o*

Ty Beanie Buddy Hello Kitty – Cupcake

This plush combines three thoroughly amazing things.

Hello Kitty, rainbows, and cupcakes.

Is there ANYTHING ELSE that you need in life??


Hello Kitty Ultimate Creative Art Kit

oAo When I was little I would have diiiiiiiied to have this! I just loved getting arts and crafts sets!

Oh man there is so much cool stuff packed in there. Ermmm… I might just have to… you know, sample this. To make sure it’s safe. Yes.


Ty Beanie Buddy Hello Kitty – Pink Overalls

Awwuuuu look at the sweet pastel colors. ; 3; Mint and pink are AMAZING TOGETHERRR!!


Megabloks Hello Kitty House


A cuuuute little Hello Kitty house to play in. ; 3;

It’s soooo precious! All of the little furniture pieces ahhhhh I can’t take it. @_@


Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty – All Pink

Needs more pink.


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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012   9:00 am
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