Cute & Colorful Jewelpet Finds

I… love… Jewelpet. ;_;

It’s a franchise of Sanrio’s that isn’t widely recognized yet, since nothing of it has been licensed in the US yet. So, that makes finding merchandise and toys for it a little hard, but BonBonBunny’s here to help you out!

But it has three four anime series and tons of plushes and stationery and stuff. ♥ If you want to look for the anime, start with Jewelpet Twinkle, it’s one of my most favoritest things ever. ; 3; It’s just such a sweet and adorable magical girl series.

Jewelpet Stationery Set – 120 Pages & 4 Designs

Item number one in our feature today is this little set of cute stationery papers. ♥

What you’ll notice immediately about Jewelpet is that there are tons and tons of adorable characters, and the other thing is that they all stick to a colorful pastel color scheme.



Jewelpet Plush Sparkling Ribbon Angela the Alpaca

Angela is one of the more popular mascot characters, which isn’t surprising considering the alpaca craze that’s taken the kawaii demographic by storm! Plus, she’s so fluffy and pink. ; 3;

There are really sooooo many plushes available… because there are SO. MANY. CHARACTERS. There’s no way I could list them all. @_@


Jewelpet Sprial-Bound Memo Pad

I am constantly writing little notes to myself… I’d love to have a little memo pad like this to keep track of everything with. ; 3;

The pages inside have such cute designs on them. ♥


Jewelpet 3D Deco Parts

I can’t make out if these are stickers or not, but it looks like they’re little embellishments you can affix to any items you’d like to decorate. ♥ The sample images there have them stuck on the corners of compact mirrors and stationery.


Jewelpet Opal Unicorn Stationery Letter Set

Opal is another of my favorite characters. ; 3; She’s a pretty pony!! *o* Well, a unicorn… pegasus… LOOK AT HOW CUTE SHE IS WUAH.

Can’t you just imagine writing little notes to your friends on paper like this~?


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