Back in the Swing of Things with Cute Ebay Stuff and Art Tees!

Whew! Took a little bit of a break there, but I’m back in the swing of things now!

Let’s make our first new post a little hodgepodge of cute things found on Ebay! The last thing I’m featuring on the page today is a little something special, though!

Sailor Moon Wand- Sailor Scouts Crystal Change Rod


Set of 2 Little Twin Stars BFF Neckaces


Pretty Cure Precure Max Heart Shiny Luminous Super DX Plush Doll Winter Ver


Sanrio Jewelpet Cosmetic Pen Pencil Pouch with Beads Handle


Pretty Pixie Pony Tee

Now here’s something special!! BonBonBunny Boutique is now open, and you can get my art on t-shirts! Or pick up one of my handmade accessories! ^o^ I’d appreciate it a lot if you could check it out!


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Saturday, September 22nd, 2012   12:13 pm
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