The Cutest Bunny Jackets and Coats

From now on I’m not buying any jackets or coats unless there are bunny ears affixed to the hood, it is a personal rule.

I put this list together when I was shopping for myself!


Gyaru Bunny Jacket – Contrast

The black & hot pink version of this is what I ended up buying for myself! ^o^
I will take pics of it to share when I get it~  I love the contrasting colors,
and that the coordinating color is fuzzy, and I love how long the jacket is!


Gyaru Bunny Jacket – Solid

Pretty similar to my first choice, though these lack the contrasting color.
BUT they have instead those pom-pom ties,
and they are fuzzy all over!  Very cute!

Fuzzy White/Ivory Bunny Coat

Fluffy White/Ivory Bunny Coat

It’s a little hard to tell in the description but I think that
this comes with matching shorts, too!

Bunny Coat in Pink or White

Fluffy Bunny Coat in White or Pink

I thought the clasps on the front of this one were super cute!
I also kind of like that the ears are smaller, kind of subtle~
This is still on my wishlist, someday I will get that pink one!


Candy Rain Sweet Lolita Bunny Jacket (+ skirt?)

Again I think that the skirt might be included with this one
(But read the listing carefully)!
The ruffles and lace and pom-poms all make this one very suitable
for sweet lolita! n_n


Cute Casual Polka Dot Bunny Jacket

This one is super casual and good for everyday!
There are other color combinations too, just click through
and browse through the store~

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015   12:00 pm
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