Sanrio’s SHOW BY ROCK!! ShinganCrimsonz Mini-Series (Video)

First mentioned this yesterday, but here’s a recap – Sanrio has a rhythm game called SHOW BY ROCK!! starring adorable animal-characters that transform into cute humans onstage~  There will be an anime for this in April, but to whet your appetite, there are these cutesy, silly miniseries on Youtube to enjoy!  These three episodes feature the KICKIN’ RAD band ShinganCrimsonz, and watching them sing is really exciting to me because the main singer for them (the red hedgehog character named Crow) is voiced by Kishou Taniyama, a prolific voice actor and singer (he is the lead singer of the actual Jrock band Granrodeo).  The cheetah character Rom is also voiced by a recognized name, Yoshimasa Hosoya~

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Monday, March 30th, 2015   6:00 pm
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