Shall We Date? Otome Games by NTT Solmare

Of all of the MANYMANYMANY cute dating sims & visual novels on iOS, I think NTT Solmare is up there as one of the higher-quality publishers releasing them! Here’s a big honkin’ list of the games they have available~

NTT Solmare has two versions of many of their games – the ones with a “+” at the end can be played entirely for free, although there are grindy portions of the game where you’ll need to raise stats in order to progress through the storyline.
In the non-“+” versions, you only have to buy the route you want to do, then you can play without restrictions or interruptions. Pick the play method you like better!

Hope to pretty this up with images and descriptions in time.

Shall We Date: Angel or Devil+ | Angel or Devil

Shall We Date: Blood in Roses+

Shall We Date: Can’t Say No

Shall We Date: Castle Break

Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja+

Shall We Date: Guilty Alice

Shall We Date: Hero in Love

Shall We Date: Lost Island+ | Lost Island

Shall We Date: Magic Sword+ | Magic Sword

Shall We Date: Mononoke Kiss+ | Mononoke Kiss

Shall We Date: My Fairy Tales+My Fairy Tales

Shall We Date: My Sweet Prince+ | My Sweet Prince

Shall We Date: The Niflheim+

Shall We Date: Never Look Back

Shall We Date: Ninja Assassin+

Shall We Date: Ninja Love+ | Ninja Love

Shall We Date: Scarlet Fate+ | Scarlet Fate

Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart+

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