Kawaii Sailor Moon Style with these Cute Clothes!

Hey sailors! ^o^  Today’s cute Sailor Moon choices come from J-Fashion Harajuku, which is one of the shops covered in  my Favorite Aliexpress Stores article!!


Sailor Moon Usagi Print Suspender Shirt

A cute navy blue t-shirt with suspenders built in –
the usagi print resembles the heroine’s iconic bed sheets!


Navy Blue Sailor Moon Cat Silhouette T-shirt

Kitties Artemis and Luna are shown in silhouette on a crescent moon
for this cute, casual t-shirt~


Sailor Moon Crystal Short Crop Top

Possibly the most stylish item in today’s roundup,
there are so many cute, small details in this crop top,
like the pale rows of hearts and stars under the bow!


Cute Sailor Collar Sailor Moon Kitties T-Shirt

Another t-shirt featuring the kitties,
this one actually has a sailor collar built in!


Sailor Moon Uniform Printed T-Shirt

Perhaps a bit plain compared to the other cute tops in this roundup,
but a simple, classic look can be perfect too!
Who doesn’t want to casually wear that iconic uniform’s bow?

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Sunday, May 31st, 2015   3:00 pm
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