Soft & Precious Blouses, Skirts, & Dresses from BoBon21 and Candy Rain

Today’s selection combines a few different items from the TaoBao brands Bobon21 and Candy Rain!  Btw, I always want to type “BoBon” as “BonBon”… for perhaps obvious reasons.


Soft & Lovely Sheer Chiffon Wrap Skirt

This skirt is long and sheer, making it light & fluffy like something an angel would wear!


Lace Shoulder Drape Chiffon Dress

That soft fabric over the shoulders is among the most gorgeous touches
I’ve seen anytime recently.  I’m so inspired to sew something like that!


Kawaii Schoolgirl Sailor Collar Blouse

This comes in three colors!
A good and simple piece to have in your wardrobe,
versatile for making lots of cute outfits out of!


Princess Floral Jumper Pumpkin Pants

The bloomer-like shape of the shorts is the absolute cutest!!
The rose print is an elegant and mature upgrade to the traditional jumper look.


Sweet Pink Plaid Suspender Skirt

The soft sheer overlay for the skirt adds a layer of dreaminess!!
I really need to get some suspender skirts in my wardrobe,
their shape is so precious.

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Wednesday, June 17th, 2015   3:00 pm
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