Lucky Trendy False Lashes for Gyaru or Any Other Look!

Lashes are pretty much a required staple for gyaru makeup and beauty!  There are a few ‘styles’ of gyaru lashes that stand out as common themes that you will see a lot as you are browsing for lashes.  These selections come from the YesStyle brand LUCKY TRENDY.

minty princess wing tip flick lashes

Gyaru Princess Outer Edge Dramatic Flick Lashes

These just became my dream lashes!!!
The multiple flicks of dramatic lashes at the outer edge
remind me of drawing cartoon characters and anime eyes~
And I love the minty princess packaging, too!

gyaru princess voluminous outer edge lashes

Gyaru Princess Voluminous Outer Edge Lashes

These lashes concentrate their volume on the outer edge,
and are thickly dispersed throughout as well~
Rather than looking cartoonish, these are like a ‘natural’ lash.

gyaru princess alternating volume lashes

Gyaru Princess Alternating Volume Lashes

The alternating thickness of these lashes
make a stripe-like design across your eyelashes.
It is a very romantic style to wear!

gyaru princess alternating volume stripe lashes

Gyaru Princess Alternating Stripe Lashes

A style similar to the previous, with the alternation made more dramatic.
I always thought that this style of lash looks crystal-like,
as if reflective lines are being attentively drawn around your eyes.
Maybe that’s weird, I don’t know, haha. 😀

brown and black criss cross crystal lashes

Brown and Black Criss-Cross Crystal Lashes

This cris-crossing style of lashes is common for gyaru as well,
but this is the first time I have seen brown and black overlapped like this!
It is a very subtle dramatic effect that adds voluminous depth!

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