Fantastical Fabulous Unicorn Fabric for Crafts & Sewing

Ok so you probably already know that I have been sewing a lot lately… so browsing fabric is something I have been doing of late as well~  And is probably the easiest place to search for unique stuff!  On a whim I happened to find some FANTASTICAL MAGICAL fabric with unicorns on it, and then I realized that they have an ENTIRE CATEGORY on the subject, so HERE ARE SOME OF MY FINDINGS!!

unicorn fabric (1)

Timeless Treasures Unicorn Sky Fabric

This reminds me of the book covers from fantasy series that I would get
from Scholastic book fairs in the 90s.

unicorn fabric (2)

Michael Miller Unicorn Princess Unicorn Frolic Opal Fabric

More whimsical and cute, these pudgy ponies come on a couple
of different background colors!

unicorn fabric (3)

Timeless Treasures Glitter Unicorns Multi Fabric

Did you hear that??  GLITTER!!!
Glittery fabric is 300x better than regular fabric!
And ohhh my gosh I love the pastel colors in this one,
and all of that artsy foliage and background work.

unicorn fabric (4)

Michael Miller Princess Charming Unicorn Town Brite Fabric

This one is cute!!! and!!! colorful!!! and!!! fun!!!
Haha I just fell in love with all of the polka dots and
fancy little castle spires!

unicorn fabric (5)

Heather Ross Far Far Away Unicorn Blue Fabric

This brings to mind a famous unicorn tapestry, the Hunt of the Unicorn.
It features a unicorn sitting similarly to the one
laying down in the middle of this fabric!
So, this fabric would make a cool project for an art history buff
that is also a unicorn fan~

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015   3:00 pm
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