Watch Pretty Cure (Futari wa Pretty Cure) Episodes Streaming Online (Eps. 1-12)

Pretty Cure is a long-standing magical girl series!! There have been TONS of different seasons of this, each featuring a team of different Cures, but THIS is the first. Fans refer to this first season by its Japanese title, “Futari wa Pretty Cure” to differentiate it from Pretty Cure as a franchise.

What’s really cool about Pretty Cure is how action-y and martial arts-centered the combat is!! There is a combination of sparkly friendship-based magical beams with very cool kicks and punches! These girls are STRONG!!

It feels very retro to watch this season now (it’s from the mid-00’s), with fuzzy yellow subtitles and everything, which is appealing if you happen to be a retro lover. 😀

Check these links for:
episodes 1-12 (you are here), 13-24, 25-36, and 37-49.

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – You Want Us to Transform?! No Way!

Episode 2 – Give Me a Break! A City Targeted By Darkness

Episode 3 – Beware of the Cute Student Teacher

Episode 4 – A Miracle? The Art Museum Comes to Life!

Episode 5 – Serious Trouble! A Desperate Pisard

Episode 6 – A New Darkness! The Bear in the Dangerous Forest

Episode 7 – A Bitter Lacrosse Battle! A Maiden’s Heart is So Delicate

Episode 8 – The End of Pretty Cure! Isn’t It Too Soon for That!?

Episode 9 – Give Him Back! The Great Mepo Mepo Strategy

Episode 10 – Honoka Explodes! A Wonderful Birthday

Episode 11 – Save Ryota! Gekidrago Panic

Episode 12 – The Evil Flower! Poisonny Appears

Check these links for:
episodes 1-12 (you are here), 13-24, 25-36, and 37-49.

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