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Lowered 3DS price!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

August 10, 2011

Wellllllllllll you probably knew about this already.

The 3DS handheld console is going from its initial price of $250 down to $170. c: It’s a really good time to get one!

To do so, you should use these super convenient links!

And if you’ve already shelled out $250 for the system, don’t worry, you’re being compensated. With 20 free downloadable games, in fact!

I’ve been holding off on buying one due to the lack of games that are really wowing me (yet!), plus I currently just do not have the funds. But news of a price reduction is really reassuring!

Happy gaming!

E3 2011 and Other Fun

Friday, June 10th, 2011

June 10, 2011

Ahhhh I am not updating this blog nearly as much as I’d like too! >A<

SO BASICALLY here are the things I’m working on now:

  • Reworking the layout of the Table of Contents on the home page.  It will have lots of pictures and look pretty instead of just boringly listing all of the categories I post in.
  • Posting all of my Boutique products, making graphics for them, making sure the shopping cart scripts all work… These are all things that are happening.  Right now, behind the scenes.  Every day.
  • Some little art work doodles that I haven’t quite posted on the Portfolio page yet (like I’ve said multiple times before, follow me on DA or Tumblr for real-time updates, ’cause I post stuff there the moment I finish it).
  • Paid work (!!), providing art work and graphics for an RPG by Legion Games.

So, sorry for not having more regular comics and updates.  ‘Tis truly my own fault for putting so many lofty goals on my plate at the same time. XD


Would you like to talk about E3?  I’d like to talk about E3.  LET’S TALK ABOUT E3.

All kinds of cool stuff.  Cool, expensive stuff.  Stuff that I’ll be admiring from afar and probably not actually have in my possession until like two years after everyone else. ;-;

I’m just gonna quickly go over a few of the games I’m interested in from this year’s E3 lineup.  You won’t find extensive game coverage on this blog.  If you want WiiU specs and speculations (heh!), you have a bamillion other blogs to check out.  I’m going to talk about the pretty games with the cute main characters that grow flowers and make friends with monsters.

Yeah, games like Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.  I was really, really surprised that Natsume tackled this one, since Rune Factory Frontier was handled by XSeed.  Natsume seems especially emboldened lately, what with their amazing localization jobs on Rune Factory 3 and Lufia.  I think that Tides of Destiny is gonna be cooool. X3

What made it so surprising that Tides of Destiny was shown off at this year’s E3 was that Natsume had already announced they were going to showcase Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns.  HARVEST MOON ADORABLENESS OVERDOSE.

Just look at those cuuuuute animals. <3  The scenery in this game is just spectacular.


Also, Kid Icarus Uprising.  I… am a big fan of Pit.  That’s all I can say on the matter at this time.  I probably won’t get a 3DS any time soon, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how cool this game looks.

(Click for super pretty hi-res version)

I love this image.  It’s my desktop wallpaper right now. Here, let’s watch a video, too, sure why not.

Pit’s appearance at the beginning, omg lol.  “Hey whoa wait what are you guys doing this is supposed to be my game”

Let’s just go ahead and put this Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword video here, too…


Lastly, I’m gonna take about twenty steps away from cute and geek out over this Neverwinter trailer because I am a huge nerd.

Lol, that music. What are you even.

Okay I think that’s all for now. o3o

Ta-ta my loves! Hope I get to post some substantial updates here soon! 😀