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List of Dark Romance Games in Order!! (+ Downloads!)

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Friends, I am back with another list of hauntingly beautiful adventure games to play!

This is much like my older lists for Dark Parables, Awakening, and Danse Macabre games~  Check them out for even more story-driven puzzles and artful exploration to experience.

I have played several games from this Dark Romance series of games – hopefully all of them someday! – but they are incredibly gorgeous adventure games with thought-provoking puzzles.  They are based on fairy tales, mythology, and classical literature, with a unique quirk that allows you to play as BOTH main characters, and switch between them in order to solve puzzles!

I am also a fan of the sweet romance storylines involved in these. :3  Love ALWAYS prevails in the end!!  Remember also that each and every one of these are free to download and begin playing!  And with that, here is the list of games~

Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

Emily and Enron love each other and want to be together.
But Enron is hiding a terrible secret – he is the son of Dracula.
And just as Enron wants to tell Emily the whole truth about himself,
she is kidnapped. No one knows where she is, but there are all the signs
that she was abducted from her apartment against her will.
Meanwhile, Emily wakes up in a gloomy room with numerous coffins
and the ghost of a little girl tells her that Emily has to hurry
in order to be rescued. Emily and Enron must hurry to find each other!

Dark Romance: The Swan Sonata

Your wedding day goes dark… and your fiancée has no idea who’s behind it all.
You’ve come to seek your grandmother’s blessing to marry a kind prince,
but his very own court magician attacks!
In this exciting continuation of the Dark Romance legacy,
recapture your place beside your beloved prince…
When you’re not playing as him, that is.
This game’s unique feature shows there are two sides to every story.
Enjoy this gorgeous fantasy adventure!

Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast

Your father’s illness has taken a turn for the worse.
Now only the fabled Rose of Life can cure him, but it grows
only in a kingdom far from your home. And, you aren’t the only one after it!
The powerful witch Claudine craves its rejuvenating powers,
and has stolen it from a prince, cursing his kingdom.
She’ll stop at nothing to make sure she’s the only one who can use the Rose.
Team up with the prince and work together to stop Claudine.
Your father’s life, and the lives of the prince and his subjects,
hangs in the balance!

Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death

Persephone’s betrothal is ruined when her uncle,
Hades himself, whisks her away to the Underworld.
It is all part of a trap by Hades and Poseidon to lure her father Zeus to his doom.
Zeus cannot risk his brothers conquering humanity,
so it’s up to Persephone and her true love Elias to find a way home for her.
Will these lovers ever reunite, or will Hades be Persephone’s permanent home?
Switch between both characters to help plot Persephone’s daring escape!
Meet other famous characters from Greek Mythology as you work together
to solve puzzles and put their romance to the ultimate test
in this intriguing twist on the tale of Persephone!

Dark Romance: Curse of Bluebeard

For years, Bluebeard has taken wives in the hopes of getting an heir.
But each time a child is born, it turns into a monster!
Now he’s set his eyes on a local girl, Rachel, to be his new bride.
The fact that she’s already betrothed means little to him.
Can you help this young couple escape a dark fate before it’s too late?

Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet survive their families’ feudand pledge to get married,
but a ghost from the Capulets’ past wants to make sure the feud never ends
and the Capulets are destroyed! Can you help them find a happy ending,
or are they doomed to forever be star-crossed lovers?
Play as both Romeo and Juliet and help them defeat the villain
who wants to keep them apart in this lovely puzzle adventure game!

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List of Koyonplete Otome Games and Visual Novels on iOS

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Hello friends!!  It’s time for another list of cute n sweet games on iOS, this time from Koyonplete!  I think Love Sushi Rangers stands out as their really good one, but many of these are winners!

Hope to spruce this up with images and more fun things in time, but until then, here are the games in list form.

Bedtime Sweetheart -Shall We Sleep?-

The Cradle of Thorns (a short suspense story)

Devil Beside Me

Devil in My Arms

Endless Love

Forbidden Love Triangle

Love Academy (GxB)

Love Academy (BxB)

Love! Sushi Rangers

Love for A Thousand Years -Seal of Lycoris Rebirth-

Lured into Your Trap

Man with a Pearl Earring


Summer Snow ~First Love~ (voice acting!)

Tease Me If You Can (voice acting!)


More Otome Games on iOS

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Today’s roundup shows off a few more cute dating sims you can play on your devices!


The Bride of Vampire

The art for this one looks SO SUPER NICE!!!
Heck yeah hook me up with those vampires!!


Alice in the Heart ~Wonderful Wonder World~

This is a series that is widely recognized among otome fans!
It even has a manga serialization that has been localized –
you can find it in book stores!


2/2 Lover Angels & Demons

Angel boys are among MY GREATEST WEAKNESSES!!
This one stands out among others for having voice acting!
Professional Cutie Pie Nobuhiko Okamoto plays both roles.


Love Pledge

Another one notable for its voice acting!!
Hikaru Midorikawa plays Homura!

iOS Otome Games by Arithmetic

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Arithmetic is another publisher of dating sim games on iOS!  A few of these stand out as some really cute ones, like Once Upon a Fairy Love Tail, which has boys with cute ears~  I am drawn to bunny-type characters each and every time.

Hope to pretty this up with images and descriptions in time.

Arabian Nights: Desert Heat

Beautiful Girl Squad (B x G)

Bidding for Love

The Cinderella Contract

Contract Marriage | Contract Marriage Plus

The Idol Dormitory

Love Legend of Sengoku

My Romantic Three Kingdoms

Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale

Seven Hotties, All My Husbands

Starstruck Love

Vampire Darling

Shall We Date? Otome Games by NTT Solmare

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

Of all of the MANYMANYMANY cute dating sims & visual novels on iOS, I think NTT Solmare is up there as one of the higher-quality publishers releasing them! Here’s a big honkin’ list of the games they have available~

NTT Solmare has two versions of many of their games – the ones with a “+” at the end can be played entirely for free, although there are grindy portions of the game where you’ll need to raise stats in order to progress through the storyline.
In the non-“+” versions, you only have to buy the route you want to do, then you can play without restrictions or interruptions. Pick the play method you like better!

Hope to pretty this up with images and descriptions in time.

Shall We Date: Angel or Devil+ | Angel or Devil

Shall We Date: Blood in Roses+

Shall We Date: Can’t Say No

Shall We Date: Castle Break

Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja+

Shall We Date: Guilty Alice

Shall We Date: Hero in Love

Shall We Date: Lost Island+ | Lost Island

Shall We Date: Magic Sword+ | Magic Sword

Shall We Date: Mononoke Kiss+ | Mononoke Kiss

Shall We Date: My Fairy Tales+My Fairy Tales

Shall We Date: My Sweet Prince+ | My Sweet Prince

Shall We Date: The Niflheim+

Shall We Date: Never Look Back

Shall We Date: Ninja Assassin+

Shall We Date: Ninja Love+ | Ninja Love

Shall We Date: Scarlet Fate+ | Scarlet Fate

Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart+