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Hatoful Boyfriend – Shuu’s Ending

Friday, February 24th, 2012

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Bunny Bani makes one (very) final trip to the infirmary as her junior year at St. PigeoNation’s comes to an end, and so too does this playthrough.

You know what? I don’t think I’m even going to comment on these in between every screenshot. I’ll just post them all here and let you form your own responses. (Might still use alt text, though. You were reading the alt text in all of the previous entries, right?)

… And if we were playing only the free demo version of the game, this is where Shuu’s path would end.  Seriously.  Credits roll, return to title screen.  This is what happens when you SUCCEED in getting close to him.

But because I’m an especially nice person, and because I love the intrigue of the game’s real plot ever so much, I’m going to share with you the full version of Dr. Iwamine Shuu’s ending.  There were certainly far grander events going on at this school than any of us realized, and Shuu was right at the center of it.  There are consequences that go along with murdering a specimen as important as the sole human girl who was enrolled in the school.

 There is the sound of glass shattering.

… And the sound of a gunshot.

Cue game credits, complete with cheerful orgel music.

And finally, the CG unlocked for completing Shuu’s ending:

How romantic!

And there we are.  The end of these Hatoful Boyfriend posts.  However, I’m sure you noticed that there’s far more to this story than one initially prepares oneself for.  There’s an entire plot of conspiracy and intrigue threading through the paths the heroine might take as she goes to school and befriends her avian classmates.  You remember that there are eight more of them besides Shuu, right?  That’s eight different characters to see these events with, such as the Summer festival, school maid cafe (pigeon maid uniforms!), and Sports event.  These posts have only shown you one character, who I think is the most dramatic of all of them, but the other boys’ endings are certainly worth experiencing yourself!

Oh, and of course, all of that conspiracy and intrigue?  There’s a bonus chapter that unlocks after completing all of the endings, which fans refer to as either Bad Boys Love or Hurtful Boyfriend.  It cranks the darkness, creepiness, and intensity of storytelling up to 11 as every character’s backstory is divulged even more, and we finally learn everything there is to learn about St. PigeoNation’s closely-guarded secrets.

But you’ll have to experience that for yourself.  Do you think these numerous hours of entertainment, 9 date-able bishounenpigeons, and 14 different endings are worth your $5?  Then you really, really want to download the full version now.


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Let’s Play Hatoful Boyfriend Part 6

Friday, February 24th, 2012

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Things are starting to get really exciting here. This is the final stretch before the very end… Readers weak of heart may want to turn back now.


Those hipster Buddhists.

Our cave has a… door… What is this mysterious parcel?


This would be kind of sweet if it weren’t so suspicious.


….. Is ………… this ………….

Most grotesque Shin Buddhist Christmas dinner ever…


Unfortunately the same can’t be said for that poor helpless chap you ate on Christmas.
Bunny Bani decides to pay a visit to the shrine, what with it being New Year’s and all.

Ladies’ clothing becomes you, Ryouta.

We encountered Kazuaki near the fortunes. Hey man, at least you didn’t EAT a chicken of ill omen.

And here’s our fortune. Blessing is a good word. Better than omen.


I like how Shuu’s automatic reaction any time we ask him what he’s doing is to ask if it’s a crime.

Oh, he’s here to pilfer test subjects. Everything’s fine! And then he leaves.

Have fun storming the infirmary!

You forgot to say “everybirdie.”

Nanaki-sensei reminds us that our junior year will be over before we know it, and that we should enjoy it while it lasts.

I see we’ve already forgotten about the creepy doctor man.

Chapter three!

I’ll remember to mark February 3rd as Legumentine’s every year from now on.

Now, you’d think the doc would go for bitter food. However, his reaction is the same for all of the beans except the Racing Blend. It’s the popular flavor this year and a little more expensive than the others, and that will be important later!

If he doesn’t like them, he’ll have my head! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHahshakdflfka

You love that stack of papers more than you love me. ;__;

This weird conversation about avian ova and test tube babies happened.

He liked them. 😀

What is happening to this conversation

Well I guess that turned out alright. At least he thought they were fascinating…?

Bunny tries to tell him what’s what, but the man(/bird) is just too crippling pragmatic for complicated holidays like Legumentine’s.

Our heroine is admiringly determined.

The romantic holiday in this universe might be Legumentine’s, but February 14 is an important day, too. It’s do or die. Well, really the only option is die. In the next post, the exciting conclusion…


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Let’s Play Hatoful Boyfriend Part 5

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

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Okay!!  We took a small break, but now we’re back at St. PigeoNation’s!

This school has some kind of event every week!  Seriously, a maid cafe??

Bani-chan heads outside to check out the food stalls, and who should show up, but…

Come on, this one is obvious.

And there’s no way he could be up to something sinister at all.


Remember: Ninja doctor.

Stalking, says the guy who wanted a lock of my hair.

“Would you like a closer look?”

Oh. See? Totally reasonable explanation. The man is completely innocent!

Shot down. :c

Sigh, guess we’ll just head back, then –



You what
I’m sorry but when you say ‘recorder,’ are you talking about the musical instrument, or am I confused?

Whoa what are they talking about. Data? Is Shuu referring to the notes that he was taking during the school’s Sporting Event?

Hmm, toughie!! But I want Shuu to like me and preferably not murder me so let’s take up his side.

I almost forgot that Shuu isn’t a very nice person. u_u Now I feel kind of bad for Nanaki-san. Anyway, after this, Bunny offered Kazuaki the correct homework and got her recorder back.  I don’t even know.

Later still…

NOW what??

What? We care about Yuuya all of a sudden?

“I’m afraid he had some business inside the incinerator to attend to. …Hohoho.

“Playing hooky” is code for “being murdered.”


I always did think he had such a nice smile.

…Oh. For a second there, I thought…



SQUEALING.GIF oh god I hope this does not end violently

It means he’ll kill us last.


I know what you’re thinking. “This couldn’t possibly start sounding any more ominous,” right? Well, WE HAVE NOT EVEN SCRATCHED THE SURFACE OF OMINOUS-NESS YET…


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Let’s Play Hatoful Boyfriend Part 4

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

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To speed these posts up a bit, I’m skipping a chunk of content that happened during our heroine Bunny Bani’s Summer break. It’s not that the events weren’t interesting (they were), it’s only that they are side-story arcs that are unrelated to Shuu’s, and really the focus of this playthrough, if you hadn’t noticed, was to reach Shuu’s ending.

So basically, what we’re skipping over is the meeting of a biker chick sparrow named Azami, and a short meeting with an adorable blue gentlebird budgerigar who would have been our boss if we decided to work part-time at the cafe for him, but Bani-chan decided to give the position up to Ryouta instead, since he needed the job more than she did. (And just as a bonus note to my readers: if you want to complete Azami’s little side story, DON’T give the cafe job up to Ryouta. You’ll see what happens!)

Anyway! On with today’s post. Remember, we’ve skipped much of the content of Summer vay-cay. There’s still some time left before Bunny starts going to school again, though, and that’s where we’re picking up from right now. c:

Oh boy oh boy, let’s ask somebirdie out! …SNKFDSHKBFKLKGH LOOK WHOSE NAME IS ON HERE!!

Whoops our fangirling almost scared him away.

He called me fascinating. *o*



Yes that is far less creepy thank you

So he’s a little bit weird!  This is only a minor hurdle!  I’m sure he’ll turn out to be just fine as we become closer friends!

That laugh again… Come on, this is supposed to be romantic.

Successful date GET!

Some nights later…

A fateful encounter!  Perhaps a romantic stroll through the park at night…?

…The music is playing again… This game has changed how I feel about Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy forever…

Well I’m sure it’s not anything too suspicious.

He’s disposing of the bodies.

So is murdering!


And Nanaki-san knows a thing or two about oversleeping.

Uhhh I guess we’re kind of a WHOLE DAY early…

Sure, let’s help teach’ out.  See, we got free tea out of the deal!

I like sweet tea, too! n3n

All right, now time for the REAL first day of school.

Chapter 2, begin!

And our heroine finds a discarded student ID.  Let’s return it to someone responsible. u3u

Wh – no – I said “responsible,” not “murderous.”  On the plus side, it’s nice to be greeted with something besides “What are you doing here?”

… u_u


Well, that was quite a change of attitude.   What was THAT all about?  Hoho


Is it just me or is the doc getting creepier…?

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Let’s Play Hatoful Boyfriend Part 3

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

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We last left off with our heroine looking forward to the last week or so of her first semester at St. Pigeonation’s.  Let’s see how these final days before Summer break play out!

Here’s a chance to score one more shot at the Doc before the semester’s over!

Well, at least he’s actually here instead of Yuuya. I wish he would be happy to see me. ;~; This Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy music isn’t helping us confirm his mental state at all…

Oh oh! A chance to redeem ourselves! Yes, Iwamine-sensei, I came all the way to the infirmary just to hear your –

…What. He sounds like who?

…Unsure if I should be flattered or frightened by that comment… Bani-chan was kicked out, but he doesn’t sound like he hates us any more.

Today is a Summer festival. Let’s check it out!

The wishes that you find on the tree are indicative of which birds you have the highest relationship levels with currently. Papyrus, Yuuya? Really? But even his ‘handwriting’ isn’t as bad as Nanaki’s… who seems to have confused his wish with some other scrap paper of his. Shuu’s message wins the whole day, though.

These are, believe it or not, Bunny’s choices for her own wish. Just what kind of festival is this, anyway?!

Back at school, Ryouta hooks us up with some juicy gossip. Wait… students turn up as WHAT?! Why does my hot doctor have to be so darn suspicious?? Well, let’s continue on our way to the infirmary.

Something’s going down…

What?? Yuuya is lying and trying to get me to cover for him! I care for the doctor more than I care for defending him, but on the other hand, I don’t want to see Yuuya turn up in the school’s lunch food or writing supplies…

Hahaha forget Yuuya, that liar. I want Iwamine-sensei to like me; that’s far more important! 8D

Yay! I made him happy! Unfortunately Yuuya is probably going to end up as quill pens. But the doctor likes me!

If only real-life school went by this quickly. Before we get too excited for Summer break, let’s just make sure my help won’t be needed at the infirmary.


Sigh.  Maybe he doesn’t like me yet after all.  I wonder if I should ask about the rumors of missing students…?

Yes, it might be kind of cool if he were secretly murdering students, and even cooler if Bani-chan were made to disappear, too. Yes. This relationship is working out perfectly. Nothing to worry about at all.

And mysteriousness is sexy!  And not life-threatening at all!


Summer break is next! But does that mean we won’t see the doctor at all?? Wait and see…


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