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Girly & Glamorous Fashion Finds for Fall

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

This selection of new arrivals shows off some really pretty and feminine Autumn clothes!  This store has such BEAUTIFUL clothes, I always fall a little bit in love with everything there!

Julia Tulle Knit Dress

Tulle dresses are fluffy and flowy,
like something a fairy would wear!

Katharine Diagonal Ruffle Top

Look at those cute bell sleeves, too!

Catherine Button One Shoulder Top

Tbh, I just thought that this photo looked very glamorous~

Betty Tie Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top

I like stuff with the shoulders open like this~
And, there are bows involved!!

Ellen Tweed Shorts

I have to be honest and admit that I clicked on this one
because it was a listing for that pretty, flowy top, lol!;;
But, there is something sweet and could be mori-like about these shorts, too!

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Frilly Layered Skirts & Stuff That are SOOOO Pretty!!

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

This time, I picked out some glamorous clothes that are VERY flouncy and frilly!

It coincidentally happened to turn out that everything I selected to feature is red & black. ❤️🖤❤️🖤

Keepsake – Lovers Holiday Skirt

Asymmetrical stuff seems to be IN lately!
I love that the bottom tier of ruffles is sheer~
It allows for extra swishy steps!

C/Meo Collective – Ultralight Skirt

LOOK at these floofs!!!
I’m sorry I just love the interesting layered ruffles on this. 😆

C/Meo Collective – Autonomy Bustier Top

This is a really cool shape for a top!!
And it’s a deep, romantic wine red, too~

C/Meo Collective – Extant Skirt

This is another really cool and unique shape!!
There are voluminous gathered ruffles but their placement is really interesting~

C/Meo Collective – Beyond Me Top

This asymmetrical top is SO cool!!
Maybe this isn’t actually ruffly, like most of m other features of the day,
but it’s loose and flowy and I think that matches, too!

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Floofy Ruffly Blouses, Dresses, and Bikinis!

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Today’s roundup features pretty, frilly pieces with lots of FLOOF!!!  There’s a variety here because I just liked so many of them and couldn’t narrow it down just blouses or anything. 😆

Kaya Button Unbalanced Blouse

Okay, truthfully, I clicked on this item because I LOVE
pink-and-white color scheme coordinates.
The pink skirt also has a listing, it’s linked right beside this top~

Joana Ruffle Three Piece Bikini

The photos for this item show a completely different top
in some pics, so I believe that this comes with two different tops
to match with the ruffly bottoms~

Megan Balloon Sleeve Tube Top

Here are those ruffled bikini bottoms again!
But, this is for the cool, flouncy top~
As depicted, it would be really pretty as a cover-up over your swimsuit
or on its own. c:

Elana Ruffle Halter Neck Blouse

OMG, isn’t this just SO pretty??!?
I love this so much, it just screams Summertime!
The breeze would play with those frills and wide sleeves so prettily~

Elisabeth Mesh Floral Sheer Dress

Shirred top, sheer ruffles, dainty embroidered flowers on the gauzy skirt overlay…
Am I crazy, or does this dress bring to mind Candy Rain dresses?

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Frilly & Floofy Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

I am SO GLAD that off-the-shoulder ruffles have become such a trend!!
This is truly, I think, one of the most beautiful looks that have surfaced lately~
I remember peasant blouses showing up as a trend in the 90’s,
and it feels like this brings that back, with bigger ruffles to boot!

Sofia Cold Shoulder Blouse

The v-shape at the front of this blouse
makes for an accentuating shape below your shoulders!

Olivia Lace Shoulder Strap Top

And the straps over the shoulders are pretty, dainty lace as well!

Elizabeth Off-the-Shoulder Body Suit

I’m sorry, I’m in love with this bodysuit???
It isn’t a swimsuit, but you don’t have to wear it on its own, either.
Slip slacks or a skirt over it and it will just look like a top~

The blush color and soft fabric is what made me fall in love!

Maggie Contrast Lined Top

This is another top with some really cool shapes going on
around the collar bone!!
And being black-and-white in color means that you can wear this

Sara Lace Off-the-Shoulder Top

This is??  So beautiful?!??
The dusty, neutral golden color is something that I don’t have
anywhere else in my wardrobe, and look at how sweet
that flowery lace print is!

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Cute, Funky, & Fashionable Bags & Backpacks

Saturday, July 15th, 2017

There is some serious personality behind these cute bags I was browsing today –
in this roundup, we’ve got rainbows, glamorous pink backpacks, and
PURSES shaped like CACTI.

Kate Spade New York Adalyn Mini Wallet

Check out this cute wallet!!
Bright, fun, colorful flowers always look awesome
on a black background.

Kate Spade New York 3D Cactus Coin Purse

Listen.  Ok.  I know you’re not going to believe me, but….
And there are???  Shiny gold rhinestones “potted” inside????

Kate Spade New York Cactus Bag Clutch

This is UN-BE-LIEVABLE!!!!!!!
For real, are you seeing this.
The awesome sparkly gold rhinestones are way more visible on this version.

Las Bayadas El Pablo Tote

And look!!!  RAINBOWS!!

MCM Dual Stark Backpack

This is a super glamorous and pretty pink backpack!!
I’m in love with the gold diamond studs all over it.
The awesome diamond pattern that they make at the top is FAVE!!

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