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You Can Basically Become a Pastel Rainbow Unicorn with These

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Whatever started the current unicorn trend, I’m incredibly grateful for it.
Finally, other people are appreciating how awesome and cute
unicorns are!!!  It’s not just us!!!

A happy side effect is that now, us unicorn lovers can find
cute and beautiful unicorn products pretty much EVERYWHERE!

Here are just a few of the really popular unicorn items
that are just perfect for your unicorn collection
if you haven’t picked them up yet!

Pastel Rainbow Highlighter Makeup

This highlighter has definitely caught on,
I think every beauty blog posted about it LOL!
Who wouldn’t love a soft, shimmery rainbow swept across one’s cheeks?

Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Makeup Brushes

There are several variations in color for these swirly unicorn horn brushes
with rainbow bristles – and this particular one is my favorite!
The lavender purple has a pearlescent sheen over it
that is very visible in one of the other preview images
when you click through to the product page~

Kawaii Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Squishy Toy

Stim toys and other attention-occupying, stress-relief accessories
are definitely also a massive trend right now, and these squishy toys
have been around even longer than that!
Round out both your unicorn collection and your stim toy collection
with this pastel unicorn that is soft enough to squeeze~

Sweet Hime Lolita Gold Heart Rhinestone Necklace

All right, there isn’t anything specifically unicorn-like about this jewelry, but…
it’s so beautiful, dainty, and gold, it just struck me as something
a beautiful unicorn would wear!
Channel your inner golden winged unicorn with one of these
sweet, delicate little winged heart necklaces.

Sweet Hime Lolita Gold Winged Heart Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet

Okay, same deal as the previous piece.
In fact, this winged heart bracelet seems to perfectly match the necklace!
Wearing the two pieces together, you could easily be mistaken
for unicorn royalty~

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Interview with Lolita Idol Melo Shirayuki & Idol Group Meltia (Video)

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Lolita Idol MELO SHIRAYUKI & meltia Producer AYUMI YAMORI Interview | ロリータアイドルmeltia白雪めろ&矢守亜夕美インタビュー

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Thursday, January 14th, 2016

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Sweet Simple Idol Makeup Tutorial with Melo Shirayuki (Video)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

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Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

I’ve covered printed tights before – we already know that they are a huge trend right now!!  And Lolita isn’t the only style that can incorporate them.  I bet you could put together an awesome look using with any elegant clothes that show one’s legs!!

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (1)

Golden Constellation Printed Tights

Wow!!  I’m pretty sure those are zodiac signs printed on these stockings~
I love the selection of different colors you can get these on.

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (2)

Golden Starry Sky with Planets Printed Tights

This comes on white, too!
A dreamy depiction of the Milky Way,
twinkling above your toes.

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (3)

Music Score with Piano Keys Printed Tights

Musical scores and music notes are a popular and highly workable Lolita theme~
This comes in black or white.
And!!  Easy to miss!  But there’s a very pretty falling-bead-like design
at the bottom of the musical score, near your ankles.

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (4)

Steampunk Gears & Cogs Printed Tights

This variety can be in shiny gold printed on black, white, or brown!
The inner workings of clocks and watches is so mesmerizing.
Do you think that people would be fascinated by your legs if you wore this, too?

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (5)

Solid Cotton Over-the-Knee Socks

These come in a lot of workable solid colors, like a pretty lavender!!
This is a pretty simple design, but the cute details are the scalloped edge
and beaded ribbon woven through.
Very versatile and wearable with almost everything!