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You Can Basically Become a Pastel Rainbow Unicorn with These

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Whatever started the current unicorn trend, I’m incredibly grateful for it.
Finally, other people are appreciating how awesome and cute
unicorns are!!!  It’s not just us!!!

A happy side effect is that now, us unicorn lovers can find
cute and beautiful unicorn products pretty much EVERYWHERE!

Here are just a few of the really popular unicorn items
that are just perfect for your unicorn collection
if you haven’t picked them up yet!

Pastel Rainbow Highlighter Makeup

This highlighter has definitely caught on,
I think every beauty blog posted about it LOL!
Who wouldn’t love a soft, shimmery rainbow swept across one’s cheeks?

Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Makeup Brushes

There are several variations in color for these swirly unicorn horn brushes
with rainbow bristles – and this particular one is my favorite!
The lavender purple has a pearlescent sheen over it
that is very visible in one of the other preview images
when you click through to the product page~

Kawaii Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Squishy Toy

Stim toys and other attention-occupying, stress-relief accessories
are definitely also a massive trend right now, and these squishy toys
have been around even longer than that!
Round out both your unicorn collection and your stim toy collection
with this pastel unicorn that is soft enough to squeeze~

Sweet Hime Lolita Gold Heart Rhinestone Necklace

All right, there isn’t anything specifically unicorn-like about this jewelry, but…
it’s so beautiful, dainty, and gold, it just struck me as something
a beautiful unicorn would wear!
Channel your inner golden winged unicorn with one of these
sweet, delicate little winged heart necklaces.

Sweet Hime Lolita Gold Winged Heart Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet

Okay, same deal as the previous piece.
In fact, this winged heart bracelet seems to perfectly match the necklace!
Wearing the two pieces together, you could easily be mistaken
for unicorn royalty~

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What are Harajuku Girls’ Daily Makeup and Beauty Routine Secrets? (Video)

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

If needed, turn on closed captioning to view the subtitles!

Harajuku girls’ DAILY MAKEUP & BEAUTY ROUTINE|Ask Japanese

‘Bunny’-inspired Simple & Sweet Makeup Tutorial with Yui Minakata (Video)

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Turn closed captions on if no subtitles show up~

Japanese Trend BUNNY MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Kawaii fashion model Yui Minakata

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to take better care of your skin?  Or perhaps just to indulge more and take care of yourself because it feels good?  Here are the bestselling Korean beauty items on YesStyle at the moment, to treat yourself to for some quick pick-me-up skin care!

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (1)

Tony Moly – I’m Real Mask Sheet 1pc

Facial masks like these are all the rage right now!!
They feel soo good on your face, and leave you feeling even better
even after removing them.
There are a bunch of varieties of this one
that all achieve different things for your skin!

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (2)

Etude House – My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band

Kitty ears!!
You shouldn’t let stray hairs fall into your face while you are washing it
or treating it with anything, but holding it back with something
can be a minor inconvenience…
But if you had a headband as cute as this one, you would probably
be enthusiastic about never forgetting to wear it!

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (3)

Innisfree – Gel Liner

A gel eyeliner that comes in 10 colors.
Ooh, that rosy pink one looks so pretty!!
It would be a lot of fun to switch up what color your eyeliner is
to match your outfit.

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (4)

TOSOWOONG – Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack 8pcs

A pack of nose masks to clean your pesky pores out!!
They are made of all the best stuff for sucking oil out and cleansing.

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (5)

TOSOWOONG – Seven Days Tattoo Eyebrow

If your eyebrows need filling out, these will help you a lot!!
They claim to add color that lasts a whole week.

Top-Selling Korean Beauty Products of the New Year (6)

Etude House – Stay Up Foundation SPF 30 PA++ (Beige)

This classic Etude House foundation is on Final Clearance right now!!
You really want to get it while you can!

5 Winter Holiday Crafts & DIY Projects For You to Try! (Video)

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

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