Beautiful Dainty Floral Kitchen Homewares from Ceramic Ai

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

I’m always on the lookout for pretty things
to bring into the home – especially soft and delicate
floral patterns!

There is something delightfully princessy about these
sweet and soft watercolor-like flowers
on these coffee, tea, and other kitchen supplies
by Ceramic Ai~

Hana Tsumi Mino Ware Chazuke Bowl Set

I’m glad there is a description for this on the product page –
chazuke is a Japanese dish that involves pouring tea
over rice, but this bowl set could be used for anything
and also comes with a pretty pink napkin!

Hana Zukushi Mino Ware Glass Dessert Bowl Set

When I see this precious dessert bowl set,
I am already fantasizing about eating ice cream
from those beautiful bowls!

Hana Kobo Coffee Dripper

Okay, I’m not familiar enough with coffee drinking
to know the purpose of this coffee dripper. nn;
I seriously just picked it to show off because
I love the soft purple watercolor flowers!
If you’re a coffee drinker, I’m sure you can appreciate it
much more than I can. 😀

Hanawa Mino Ware Earthenware Teapot Set

I cannot believe the price available for this
for a full set of traditional-style teapot and two
bowl-style teacups!!! (/*o*\)

Hana Gasane Mino Ware Small Plate Gift Set

Of course, finishing off your tea set with
several matching plates makes for the most striking statement
when you are entertaining guests!!
…Or just enjoying tea for yourself at home. nn

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses

Friday, December 11th, 2015

A lot of the latest listings for new Winter dresses were blue and/or flowery, so I decided to work with that as my theme for today!!

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (1)

Elegant Navy Blue Shoulder-Ruffle Dress with Wide Waist Tie

This is SO! ELEGANT!!  Shoulder ruffles like these always look Victorian to me.
The wide waist belt and ties are super classy, too.
And finally, the flocked dots on the fabric are a very cute detail, too.

It also comes in a dusty pink color!

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (2)

Rose Princess Navy Blue Onepiece Dress

Look at those cute little puffy sleeves!!
The bunches of roses printed on this dress are pretty as a painting.
This also comes in a creamy white and pink variation!

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (3)

Pink Flowers Printed on Blue Princess JSK Dress

I like the sheer organza that the pink flowers are printed on,
making them hang above the pale blue fabric!
There are cute vertical rows of buttons going up the front of the bust, too.

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (4)

Pale Blue Underbust Skirt Dress

The sheer stripes and background in the lower half of this dress
are I think its biggest interest points!!
But the lacing under the bust is always a really pretty charm point.

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (5)

Pink & Offwhite Roses & Strawberries Autumn Himekaji Dress

Ok…………….. i lied and snuck exactly one pink dress into this roundup.
But look at how beautiful and himekaji it is!!
I think this may be a Liz Lisa replica?  But I do not know the exact design.
The check print along the bottom border is my favorite.