There are OFFICIAL Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champion’s Tunic T-Shirts and They are Awesome

Monday, May 15th, 2017

(ノ°ω°\) OMG you guys, these t-shirts
and other Zelda things are KICKIN’ RAD!!!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champion’s Tunic T-Shirt Dress

This thing is SO cool!!!!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champion’s Tunic Cosplay T-Shirt

It comes in a t-shirt length rather than a dress, as well!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Jrs. Zip-Around Wallet

Here is a cool zip-up wallet that you can also get
in the Champion’s Tunic emblematic design.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Card Wallet

…And another style of wallet. :3

Real Action Heroes Link: Breath of the Wild Ver.

Btw, have you guys seen this incredible Link figure?
It is AMAZING, and comes with a million bajillion
little accessories!
This thing is like $300, omg. (/*o*\)

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Check Out These Awesome Dangan Ronpa T-Shirts Suitable for Kawaii Style

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

**This writeup is FREE OF PLOT OR CHARACTER SPOILERS for both games**

See, the problem I always have with geeky/fandom t-shirts is that… they are rarely “cute” enough to fit the rest of my wardrobe.  When the awesome murder mystery visual novel/adventure game series Dangan Ronpa partnered with kawaii brand Listen Flavor, it was REALLY exciting, because HOLY SMOKES MY FAVE CHARACTERS DRAWN CUTELY AND AVAILABLE ON PASTEL CLOTHES!!

Each of these come in several t-shirt colors – so you can get them on black or another neutral or darker color if you decide against them on pastels.

Check Out These Awesome Dangan Ronpa T-Shirts Suitable for Kawaii Style (1)

LISTEN FLAVOR Nanami & Monomi Let’s Play Video Games Sweatshirt

Chiaki the Super High School Level gamer is a fan favorite character,
because she is so cute and her hobby matches that of many people playing!
Now this cute image of her cuddling with Monomi
can keep you warm and cozy in this big oversized sweater.

Check Out These Awesome Dangan Ronpa T-Shirts Suitable for Kawaii Style (2)

LISTEN FLAVOR Mysterious Kyoko Kirigiri T-Shirt

Kirigiri is so cool and mysterious!!
I think that you would possess a bit of her air of mystery
if you wore a t-shirt emblazoned with her image.
Maybe you can even solve some mysteries yourself!!

Check Out These Awesome Dangan Ronpa T-Shirts Suitable for Kawaii Style (3)

LISTEN FLAVOR Ultimate Lucky Student Makoto Naegi T-Shirt

Naegi is such a cool and adorable protagonist!!
Well, I’m really weak to any cute spiky-haired hero.
When they are plucky and encouraging to the people around them,
then they are pretty much solidified as my favorite character.
Just don’t go around yelling at people, “YOU GOT THAT WRONG!”

Check Out These Awesome Dangan Ronpa T-Shirts Suitable for Kawaii Style (4)

LISTEN FLAVOR Ultimate Affluent Progeny Byakuya Togami T-Shirt

Ok I know I just said that I love Naegi…
but I ALSO love Byakuya.  He is so cool!!!!
So handsome and cool and really smart during the investigations!!
His glasses are so cool…
Uh… sorry, what were we saying?

Check Out These Awesome Dangan Ronpa T-Shirts Suitable for Kawaii Style (5)

LISTEN FLAVOR The Servant T-Shirt

ok I saved my VERY favorite character for last!!
I love Naegi and Togami a lot, but HOLY SMOKES Komaeda is SO GREAT.
I got REALLY attached to his character in Super Dangan Ronpa 2…
He has a lot of issues going on, making him easily the most intriguing and puzzling,
plus his hair is messy which is weirdly cute!!

They only have 2 more of this shirt in its purple color and I kind of reeeaaallly want it….

Ugly Christmas Sweaters… Cute Geek Edition

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

It’s getting to be UGLY SWEATER SEASON!!!!  Don’t be left out, and don’t think you can’t squeeze your geeky pride into the occasion.  Teefury can hook you up with dozens of designs – here’s a little sampling of my favorites!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (1)

Sailor Moon Ugly Christmas Sweater

Awwww, the moon kitties at the bottom of this are the cutest. :3

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (2)

Peanuts Ugly Christmas Sweater

Deffo one of my favorite things to watch around Christmas time!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (3)

X-Files Ugly Christmas Sweater

Are you a believer?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (4)

Pokemon Pikachu Ugly Christmas Sweater

There are other Pokemon types available as different designs, too!
But obvi Pikachu is the cutest.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (5)

Legend of Zelda Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’m distracted by this design because they need to fill up on hearts…

Cute & Geeky Skirts and Leggings from TeeFury featuring Zelda, Pokemon, Sailor Moon and More!

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Geek apparel shop Teefury has just started selling all-over printed leggings and skirts!!!  I love the swishy skirts so I am mostly featuring them here, but these prints are also available as leggings, so you can click through any of these to check those out if you’d prefer!


Legend of Zelda Adventure Items Skirt

A cool swishy skirt featuring items and icons from Legend of Zelda!
I REALLY like this design a lot.
From afar, it just looks like a pretty patterned skirt in neat aqua colors.
It’s a subtle way to wear your geekery.


Sailor Moon Wands Leggings

Equip yourself with your favorite henshin sticks
and Sailor Moon weaponry!
I love the bright purple background color
and all of the starry sparkles!


“In the Tall Grass” Grass Pokemon Skirt

I love grass Pokemon!
Such pretty flowers, and there are such cute leafy designs on this!
And the pattern on this is really pretty, it could pass
as just a floral print at a glance from non-geeky observers.


“Too Haute to Handle” Fire Pokemon Skirt

Fire!!!!  Pokemon!!!!
I have a personal rule to pretty much always
go with the Fire starter in every Pokemon game.
And so, I am so ecstatic to see that Cyndaquil and Torchic are on here!
Those were some of my favorites!


“Wave Riders” Water Pokemon Skirt

Okay, I kind of cheated compiling this list
and made the last three features all the Pokemon type designs, LOL.
But look at the pretty Dragonair on this!
When I look at this skirt, I hear one of the Surfing themes playing.

Awesome Xenoblade T-Shirts from Artists at Redbubble

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Xenoblade is the definitive JRPG currently, and if you haven’t picked up the HD remake for the New 3DS then you might be stuck browsing the $90-200 listings for the Wii version on Ebay.

Unless you’re already enjoying it, in which case HECK FREAKING YEAH HIGH-FIVE ME MAN!!

Anyway, if you’re the type to wear your love on your clothes, then support some artists on Redbubble by checking out these t-shirts available!!  You can click through to any of these and pick the same designs on other products, too, like ladies’ style t-shirts, phone cases,  hoodies, stickers, and lots others~


Monado Boy

Awesome Shulk pixel art from awesome artist Tecchen!


Monado Abstract

A cool and artsy way to wear your fandom.


The Monado’s Power

The Arts all lined up in a row in the middle of this one are the coolest touch!


Chain Attack

OMG this is so cUUUUUTE!!!
I love this, because all of the characters are featured,
while mostly everything else only features Shulk.


Heropon Training Academy