Cute & Convenient Everyday Items for Your Kawaii Home & Lifestyle

Monday, June 26th, 2017

My personal belief is that, whenever you are going to buy something convenient and functional,
if you are able to purchase that thing in a color or style that makes you happy,
you should absolutely do so!!  Especially when the thing in question is perfectly affordable!

These everyday, convenient items are all EXTREMELY cute,
AND they are not expensive at all!

Home Simply – Animal Cable / Earphone Organizer

Ohhhhh sooo cuuuuuuute!!
Not only will these hold headphone cables,
but they can wrap around other things as well –
several things are demonstrated in the photos when you click through!

I love that the nose of the animal is the button that you push through
to secure it… too cute… im gonna cry. ;A;

Litfly – Ear Head Band

These soft headbands hold your hair back while you are washing your face,
applying makeup, or anything else you might want to keep your hair
out of your face for~
And they come in these two soft, pretty colors and have cute kitty ears on them!!!

Litfly – Silicone Makeup Sponge (Tear Drop) (Pink)

These silicone makeup blenders are the current beauty trend,
and seemingly the successor of beauty blenders – since they are
silicone rather than spongy, your makeup doesn’t get absorbed into
the sponge, so more product gets on your face where you need it!
I imagine it’s also much easier to clean. c:

Hera’s Place – Cable Protector

O!M!G! these cable protectors look like sweet little pastel popsicles!!
Actually, those milky colors make them look like creamsicles……. :9
Anyway, these come in two parts – both the popsicle and its stick
work together to protect both ends of your cables!

Cute Essentials – Cherry Blossom Print Folding Umbrella

This is soooooo prettyyyyyyy!! *o*
I think that see-through umbrellas are very beautiful to begin with,
and having a shower of pretty pink petals above you as you walk through the rain…?
OMG!  That sounds so elegant and dreamy~

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Beautiful Dainty Floral Kitchen Homewares from Ceramic Ai

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

I’m always on the lookout for pretty things
to bring into the home – especially soft and delicate
floral patterns!

There is something delightfully princessy about these
sweet and soft watercolor-like flowers
on these coffee, tea, and other kitchen supplies
by Ceramic Ai~

Hana Tsumi Mino Ware Chazuke Bowl Set

I’m glad there is a description for this on the product page –
chazuke is a Japanese dish that involves pouring tea
over rice, but this bowl set could be used for anything
and also comes with a pretty pink napkin!

Hana Zukushi Mino Ware Glass Dessert Bowl Set

When I see this precious dessert bowl set,
I am already fantasizing about eating ice cream
from those beautiful bowls!

Hana Kobo Coffee Dripper

Okay, I’m not familiar enough with coffee drinking
to know the purpose of this coffee dripper. nn;
I seriously just picked it to show off because
I love the soft purple watercolor flowers!
If you’re a coffee drinker, I’m sure you can appreciate it
much more than I can. 😀

Hanawa Mino Ware Earthenware Teapot Set

I cannot believe the price available for this
for a full set of traditional-style teapot and two
bowl-style teacups!!! (/*o*\)

Hana Gasane Mino Ware Small Plate Gift Set

Of course, finishing off your tea set with
several matching plates makes for the most striking statement
when you are entertaining guests!!
…Or just enjoying tea for yourself at home. nn

Cute & Convenient Things For Your Home or Apartment

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Having little things in your living space that are cute will make you smile every time you use them!  Filling your lifestyle with these small happinesses will begin to positively impact your mood.  And yes, even small, unimportant items around your house or apartment like these can contribute to that difference.  Cuteness is that powerful!

cute convenient things for home (1)

Bow-Accent Ruffled Switch Cover

The square cutout at the center of this is sized for Japanese lightswitch plates,
so this may not fit over a vertically rectangular lightswitch, but alternatively
it could be hung over a hook or other small feature on the wall!
This comes in a few polka-dotted colors –
the brown one makes the cute bears look extra chocolatey!

cute convenient things for home (2)

Kitty Cat Hanging Pocket

Omg these cute kitties!!
These look super convenient for tossing things into
when you come in the door, etc etc~
The fabric that the kitties are printed onto,
and the wooden dowel that they hang from
give this a cottage-y, vintage-y look!

cute convenient things for home (3)

Pastel Polka Dot Tape Measure

Ok, I need to have tape measure with me ALL THE TIME,
and especially if I’m going to be carrying it in my purse,
I am going to want it to look cute and colorful!!
I loooove the pastel, polka-dotted colors that these heart-shaped
tape measures come in!!

cute convenient things for home (4)

Water Hourglass

This entry strays from the ‘cute’ them of the rest of my posts –
this one’s just PRETTY!!
The water inside combined with the cut of the glass looks crystalline~
And these hourglasses come in several colors and sizes!
They look pretty displayed in a group like this~

cute convenient things for home (5)

Kawaii Bunny Soap Dish

Okay, back to CUTE for this entry!
Ohhh myyyy goosssssh I would love that pink one!!
The page for these also shows off these cute bunnies
holding convenient items by the kitchen sink
in addition to their obvious use in the bathroom!

Pretty & Cute Homey Items, Incense & More

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Today’s selection of cute & sweet homeware items comes from TOPI Home!  Decorating your space sweetly is an integral part of your lifestyle and mood! ^o^

pink sakura japanese wind chime

Pink Sakura Hanging Wind Chime Bell

Every time I see these chimes in anime, I think they are so simple and elegant!
This bell is decorated with pink cherry blossoms, and the tag hanging underneath
is a wish for “Spring.” 😀

bunny incense holder

Cute Bunny Incense Holder

Incense holders are not complicated tools – you only need that little hole
at the top to place your incense stick in, so the base can really
be shaped or painted like anything~
These tiny bunnies are so simply sweet, they are a subtle way
to add cuteness to your incense enjoying. c:


Japanese Home Incense Fragrances

And any incense accessory purchase is not complete without the incense itself!
There are a ton of pleasant aromas here~
Hyacinth, lavender, lilac, green tea, jasmine, rose, lily~
Of course, I would go for the one that’s packaged in pink.

bunny keychain phone strap

Kawaii Round Bunny Keychain/Phone Strap

The ball chains on these kinds of toys mean they can be affixed to anything!
I usually loop accessories like this around the strap on my purse. c:

sakura petal chopstick holder

Pretty Pink Sakura Petal Chopstick Holder

These simple holders act as rests for you to place chopsticks on at the table.
But look at how pretty they are when you display a group of them together like this!

Cute & Convenient Homey Items

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

I’m a firm believer in the concept of a “kawaii lifestyle” – that even mediocre tasks you do and that mundane homeware items around your living space can be made cute, even if for no other reason than to make you smile as you go through the day.  It’s not even as if it’s expensive to infuse cuteness into your everyday life – here are five saccharine items to affordably indulge in to sweeten your life.


Cute Hot Beverage Mug Cover (19 Styles)

Some of these designs are soooo dainty and pretty~
And the concept is so simple: Cover your hot beverage,
and the silicone cover keeps the heat in!
(and looks pretty, too)


Pretty Woodland Animal Lace Doily Coaster (4 Colors)

And since you’ve got your hot beverage out,
naturally you need a cute little coaster to place it down on!
Okay, I am in love with that lacy pink bunny.


Kawaii Emoji Mug (4 Styles)

Speaking of mugs, if you’re shopping for a new one,
there probably isn’t anything cuter than these little guys.
I’m really close to picking up that mischievous kitty-faced one for myself…


Cute Mushroom Toothbrush Holder (2 Colors)

I don’t like the idea of my toothbrushes touching surfaces,
and these cute polka-dotted mushy-mushes bring Super Mario to mind~
In fact, they come in red, too!


Sweet Bunny or Bear Cushion (2 Styles)

I am pretty much always in need of a lumbar cushion,
and a polka-dotted bunny wearing this serene expression
would make my back ever so happy!
There’s a stripey Mr. Bear to choose from, too.