Cute & Comfy Sweaters, Jackets, and Hoodies for Cute Gals!

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

The silver lining of everything getting cooler is that you can snuggle up in cozy Winter wear!!  Biiiiiig sweaters make you feel warm and loved, like you are wrapped up in a hug~ <3  Here is a quick selection of cool and cute jackets, hoodies, and the like to keep yourself toasty!

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (1)

Pink Sakura Sailor-Style Hoodie / Skirt

There is a listing for both this cute pink hoodie
as well as a warm, matchy-matchy skirt at this link!!
The sakura pattern is really pretty and sailor collars always look cute! ^o^

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (2)

Kawaii Printed GOGO Girl Oversized Hoodie Sweater

There are several cute prints to choose from for this listing,
in a variety of art styles!!
I really like the Earth-toned, forest rabbit one~
This is for cozying up and sipping hot cocoa in hehe!

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (3)

Bunny-Eared Lace Gyaru Jacket + Belt-Decorated Skirt

This is a set of both the jacket and matching skirt!!
This jacket would fit right in with my bunny jacket post, haha!
I love how long the sleeves are, with a little hole to stick your thumb through~
And the skirt is adorbs, and has a chain belt decoration.
You could wear it with anything!!
There are more colors this is available in at the link!

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (4)

Pretty Rose Floral Jacket + Skirt Set

Another jacket and skirt set!
When the skirts are separate like this, I can only think about
the other outfits I want to put together for them~
Gooosh the rosy print on this is so pretty and elegant!
This is a simple, wearable jacket design that would be perfect for jogging
or working out in cool weather, or just wearing casually –
but being decorated with roses makes it perfectly elegant!

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (5)

Off-the-Shoulder Long Knit Gyaru Sweater

This sweater is so cool!!!
Like totally something a hip and stylish gyaru would wear!!
The ribbon details in it are soooo pretty!
It comes in other stripey colors, too –
I love the white & pink one!

Stay Warm With These Perfectly Pretty Princess Coats this Autumn and Winter!

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Ahh, it’s so sad to think about the wonderful warm weather of Summer coming to an end!  But if you need some new outerwear for the upcoming cooler months, now is when you want to be shopping for on!

This selection of Candy Rain coats from the Aliexpress seller BOBON21 will keep your dainty princess shoulders covered and cozy! (*^ε^ ノノ゛☆

Candy Rain princess coats (1)

Pastel Pink Winter Lolita Coat with Fuzzy Heart Pockets

Ohhhh this is pretty much my FAVORITE look for Winter coats ever~
I honestly just want everything that I own to be in this shade of baby pink.

Candy Rain princess coats (2)

Red Lace & Fur-Trimmed Winter Poncho Cape

Biiiig warm capes for wearing as it gets cold are the BEST!!!
Like walking around wrapped up in your favorite blanket!
I’ve got to fashion one of these for myself one of these days.

Candy Rain princess coats (3)

Classy Peach Fur Collar Skirted Coat

Coats with a skirted piece like this at the bottom are awesome,
because I don’t know about you guys but MY BUTT GETS COLD,
and having just a bit more length to your coat makes a HUGE difference.

Candy Rain princess coats (4)

Classy Scalloped-Edge & White Pearl Embellished Lavender Coat

Haha, this could have gone into my lavender roundup from just a couple days ago!
Those big chunky white pearls I think add the cutest look to this.

Candy Rain princess coats (5)

Elegant White Autumn Suit Jacket

This one is a little thinner than the rest featured here,
good for those somewhat-cool days that aren’t full-on freezing yet!
The fluffy flower embellishment on the shoulder is its charm point!