Cute Pokemon Food & Snacks!

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Do you remember being little and having a bamillion choices of fruit snacks and stuff, and you HAD to get them in your favorite cartoon character shapes??  That’s what these Pokemon snacks and things remind me of, lol!

These have the added bonus of being imported Japanese food, so you KNOW that they are packaged cutely and are a fun novelty to eat!


These are convenient for putting in a bento-style lunch –
they are individually-packaged little servings of jelly,
for spreading on sandwiches or anything else appropriate in your lunch.
There is a different cute Pokemon on each one!

SANYO Sapporo No.1 Pokemon Noodles Seafood Flavor

Instant!!  Noodles!!  Y’all!!
This cup of instant noodles has little Pikachu faces in it,
along with Chimchar in the sample photo (I don’t know
if there are different Pokemon you can get, though)~
It looks SO TASTY!  Oh man, I’m craving noodles now…

TOHATO Pokemon White Chocolate Biscuits

These crunchy-looking cookies are white chocolate flavored
and come in little Pikachu shapes!

MARUMIYA Pokemon Rice Sprinkles Minipack 

You know, I’m not totally sure what these are, but maybe you guys can tell me?
There are a WHOLE BUNCH of individually-packaged servings of “rice sprinkles”
that you get here, decorated sort of like Pokemon cards.
I don’t know if it is flavoring for your rice?  But it seems to be another convenient,
single-serving thing to put in your bento. :3

Pokemon Get Chocolate Maker Tsukuru Oyatsu DIY Chocolate Kit

This is a whole kit for making your own milk + white chocolate Pokeballs,
with Pikachu (and Rowlet!) inside!
I think this is probably the coolest thing in this roundup –
DIY sweets things are just totally my weekness!

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters… Cute Geek Edition

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

It’s getting to be UGLY SWEATER SEASON!!!!  Don’t be left out, and don’t think you can’t squeeze your geeky pride into the occasion.  Teefury can hook you up with dozens of designs – here’s a little sampling of my favorites!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (1)

Sailor Moon Ugly Christmas Sweater

Awwww, the moon kitties at the bottom of this are the cutest. :3

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (2)

Peanuts Ugly Christmas Sweater

Deffo one of my favorite things to watch around Christmas time!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (3)

X-Files Ugly Christmas Sweater

Are you a believer?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (4)

Pokemon Pikachu Ugly Christmas Sweater

There are other Pokemon types available as different designs, too!
But obvi Pikachu is the cutest.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters... Cute Geek Edition (5)

Legend of Zelda Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’m distracted by this design because they need to fill up on hearts…

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