Xenoblade Chronicles X – Blitzkrieg Mission

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

If you follow me on Tumblr, you’ve already seen how I got REALLY attached to the character Phog in Xenoblade Chronicles X…  Well, his deal is that he is the younger brother of another party member, Frye, but mysteriously the two cannot be on your party together at the same time, and circumstances reveal that they are not on speaking terms.

I’ve spent a good chunk of this game looking forward to the quest that reunites them at last, and I went a little overboard and took a bamillion screenshots when I finally reached that point myself.  Here is a little screenshot diary of them!

Click any of them to see the full resolution – I cropped most of them so that the text size would be more readable on this page, but in the more zoomed-out ones feel free to click the image to see it larger if you have to.


Here is the Affinitiy Mission that initiates the quest – it’s near the East Gate of NLA.
I had to get through Chapter 8 to finally meet the requirements for it –
Chapter 8 was so stressful ahh!!!


During the mission briefing, you’re given the option to go on offense with Frye
or defend the city with Phog.
I reloaded a few times during this quest to try each side
(in a bit you’ll see my character equipped differently and with other party members),
but for now, let’s see Phog’s side.

He’s appreciative of our help. c:


Ahh, I wonder if this is the first time these two have spoken to each other in years. ;_;


The others empty out, and Phog is still hoping for the safety of his bro.


Here’s the first example of the other set of equipment and party members
you’ll see in these screenshots lol!
This is a cute line and I missed catching it the first time around.


aaaaaaa any time my child (´▽`人)


Phog in almost all of his missions will tell you how appreciative he is toward you, actually.
It is one of the many things that I really, really like about him.

I wanted to give him some encouragement in his own efforts,
since there was an earlier mission where selecting this same “Downplay” option
was his preferred response, but he kinda shrugged it off this time.


You’re actually supposed to Brag about your “awesome advice,”
because it reminds Phog of his bro.

There are actually a LOT of options that Phog appreciates because
they sound like what Frye would say.  Similarly, Frye is the inverse –
being kind to NPCs will often get you affinity with Frye since it
reminds him of Phog.

these bros make me feel a lot of things.

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Awesome Xenoblade T-Shirts from Artists at Redbubble

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Xenoblade is the definitive JRPG currently, and if you haven’t picked up the HD remake for the New 3DS then you might be stuck browsing the $90-200 listings for the Wii version on Ebay.

Unless you’re already enjoying it, in which case HECK FREAKING YEAH HIGH-FIVE ME MAN!!

Anyway, if you’re the type to wear your love on your clothes, then support some artists on Redbubble by checking out these t-shirts available!!  You can click through to any of these and pick the same designs on other products, too, like ladies’ style t-shirts, phone cases,  hoodies, stickers, and lots others~


Monado Boy

Awesome Shulk pixel art from awesome artist Tecchen!


Monado Abstract

A cool and artsy way to wear your fandom.


The Monado’s Power

The Arts all lined up in a row in the middle of this one are the coolest touch!


Chain Attack

OMG this is so cUUUUUTE!!!
I love this, because all of the characters are featured,
while mostly everything else only features Shulk.


Heropon Training Academy