My Little Pony Plush Commissions

Commissions for pony plushes are closed now!


Completed Ponies (no longer updated, but this should give you the gist of how they look!):


My Little Pony Plush Commissions

[img src=]12.5k0
[img src=]38370
[img src=]29770
[img src=]21730
[img src=]16420
[img src=]17680
[img src=]15720
[img src=]15060
[img src=]14670
[img src=]14860
[img src=]11730
[img src=]11310
[img src=]10100
[img src=]9900
[img src=]11300
[img src=]10720
[img src=]9530
[img src=]10440
[img src=]10090
[img src=]9870
[img src=]10650
[img src=]9620
[img src=]10770
[img src=]9860
[img src=]9250
[img src=]10020
[img src=]8720
[img src=]10410
[img src=]9610
[img src=]9080
[img src=]8890
[img src=]8550
[img src=]8540
[img src=]9090
[img src=]9290
[img src=]9040
[img src=]9830
[img src=]9820
[img src=]10040


For those that have ordered, keep your eyes on the e-mail address you used when you purchased through Paypal, because that’s how I’ll be contacting you!

Upcoming Ponies:

  1. Filly Princess Luna – need working Paypal e-mail address
  2. Vinyl Scratch – need working Paypal e-mail address
  3. OC Pony – Swifty Kick – need working Paypal e-mail address
  4. Rarity (with Fire Ruby necklace)
  5. Princess Cadence
  6. Rainbow Dash (wearing socks)
  7. OC Pony – Encore
  8. OC Pony – Carbon Maestro
  9. OC Pony – Jackknife
  10. Rarity
  11. OC Pony – Chaos
  12. Rarity
  13. OC Pony – Green Bunny-ears Pegasus
  14. OC Pony – Lightning Heart


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52 Responses to “My Little Pony Plush Commissions”

  1. dspony Says:

    Hi, these look awesome! I was wondering; do you ship internationally?


  2. Wolfiee Says:

    Hy, I’m also curious about the international shipping part, and whether there is a deadline for the commisions; since I consider ordering a plush from you for my gf for christmas but I only can do so in 3-4 weeks from now…

  3. Lexipants Says:


  4. Andrew Says:

    Hello another international customer here. Wondering if you would be able to ship to Mexico?

  5. Bridget Says:

    Ah you guys!! Thanks for reminding me to mention international shipping. The answer is YES! I can absolutely send these internationally! I’m editing the page in order to reflect this as well. o3o

    @Wolfiee: I have no deadlines! My plan was to make this available for as long as it takes before my fingers start bleeding from all the sewing. XD And even then I would probably keep this open. @_@

    @Lexipants: OMG YES BEST TOY EVER. I thought it made a perfect pony backdrop. XD


  6. Whitney Says:

    Thank you very much I just sent payment and my request.

  7. Rainy Says:

    Why won’t you let me buy stuff online,parents,why?

  8. Drue Says:

    Hey there! Just wanted to say I hope you never stop making these =D
    Also, i was wondering, could you possibly make plushies of characters from MLP that aren’t necessarily ponies, say Spike or Discord?

  9. Bridget Says:

    Thank you everybodyyyyy!

    Drue, I hadn’t even thought about non-ponies! :O Right now I don’t have patterns for either of them. I could probably do Spike if I took the time to make a pattern for him. Discord… I probably COULD make Discord, but his pattern would have… so many pieces. @_@ Plus, he’s so thin, it would be kind of flimsy as a small plush.


  10. Scott Says:

    never mind i didnt see the backlog thingy -_-

  11. tech Says:

    I’m glad to see that these are apparently fairly popular and working out for you!

  12. Derpy Hooves Says:

    These are amazing!!! Can you make an Applejack?

  13. Whitney Says:

    aww I just realized no one’s put in for a pinkie Pie, lol maybe later on down the road I’ll order one of her 😀

  14. Chris Says:

    Put in an order for Luna yesterday damn am I excited!

  15. Chris Says:

    Could you possible keep us more updated on twitter or Facebook?

  16. Whitney Says:

    hey bridget I’m the fluttershy on #5 if you wanna switch me and the Pinkie Pie that will be fine I’m in no hurry, that way the guys little sister can get hers for christmas.

  17. Bridget Says:

    Oh man all of you guys are so awesome. ; ^; I did just contact Stephen and worked out a way to get his Pinkie Pie out for his niece before Christmas! But it fills me with all kinds of fluffy happy feelings seeing other people offering their places in line so they can see a little girl get her pony for Christmas. My faith in humanity is totally restored right now. ;___________; Y’all are beautiful.

    @Chris: Mini-announcements on Facebook and Twitter are a good idea! I will do my absolute best to try to remember to do those! Ideally, my Deviantart page (as well as this page here) should be updated with photos of completed ponies just after I finish them, but it’s really easy to fall behind on that. @_@ I’ll try to announce what ponies I’ve finished on social networking sites though – that’s probably an easier way to keep everyone up-to-date! 😀

  18. Stephen Says:

    Wow, I am blown away!
    SIX, Whitney, and of course Bridget, thank you so so so so much!! 😀 I am so grateful!
    My niece is gonna love her little Pinkie, I know it!
    <3 you all.

  19. Whitney Says:

    <3 no problem! I'd rather think of a smiling face on christmas 😀

  20. Meredith Says:

    hiya, ive been looking for a fluttershy for a few months now and I was wondering how much it would cost, including postage. feel free to email or msg me via facebook.

  21. Meredith Says:

    forgot to mention, i’m in QLD, australia

  22. SIX Says:

    Hey Bridget, I want to contact you about a change in my order and about one other thing. Is there an e-mail I can message you at?

  23. Fairy Tail Says:

    I would like to get a few of these as gifts for my friends, would I need to submit each one individually or can I send and pay for them all at once?

  24. Bridget Says:

    Meredith, the price is $25 for any pony, automatically translated into your currency when you process your order, and the shipping is added then as well ($13.95 to your area). c:

    SIX, my e-mail address is and you can continue the correspondence that we already initiated in the paypal order e-mails.

    Fairy Tale, lots of folks are making multiple orders. c: Just go ahead and put in an order for each of them. I’ll refund the shipping for each of them as long as they’re all being sent to you when I’m done (as opposed to being sent to your friends’ places).

  25. Arteus Says:

    I’m thinking of ordering in the near future but I just have a quick question first. How durable are these plushies? I’m afraid that if I were to buy one it would fall apart the second I touched it, I’m paranoid that way.

  26. Bridget Says:

    Arteus – they’re not THAT delicate, hee hee! There’s a certain care one must take when handling handmade items, but it would take a considerable amount of abuse to start pulling stitches apart.

  27. Northern Lights Says:

    Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to getting mine!

  28. Whitney Says:

    Fluttershy is adorable! I love her! I’ll be asking for more later on 😀 they are so cute and exciting!

  29. Will Says:

    These look great, and the price just makes it better :D! Just ordered my own Vinyl, and I’m so excited!

  30. Joseph Says:

    just put an order in for a filly RD… and i know… it’s gonna be SO AWESOME! /)^3^(\
    i’m pretty sure which ones i’m gonna order next as well…

  31. Caitycat Says:

    Ooooo… I want one, but I’m so afraid to get one! It’s like, ‘OMG. I CAN FINALLY AFFORD A PLUSHIE’ but then I’m like, ‘But what if they release official plushies and I can’t buy one?! D:’ or ‘What if I find one I like better but I bought this one?!’ x.x Ohhh the indecision D: They’re really cute though.

  32. FlutterJosie Says:

    OMG!! I love these but I don’t have any money!! -SAD FACE- And I’m kind of a parental closet Brony so I can’t really ask them about using their Creditcard for this because…well…they would just give me hell for it. xD

  33. Whitney Says:

    Just ordered me a pinkie Pie! =D excited !!!

  34. Carla Says:

    Oh wow I have to say these are way too cute! And so small!! I want one so bad

  35. Vexillologist Says:

    Ohmy. These are just lovely! <3

    Is 46 slots it? 😮 I was thinking about ordering my sister (Kinda as a late birthday gift for her… Her little OC pony is the cutest. <3) and I's OC ponies. I hope I can get some orders in, if there's space left.

  36. Sel Says:

    Your plushies are just ADORABLE! I love them so much! I was thinking about ordering one as his OC for my friend as a birthday gift (he’s a HUGE brony!). I also wanted to order a Screwball plush for myself, since she is best pony! If I place the order sometime this month, will they be finished before the end of November? I’m sure you must be filled with orders! If not, I guess I’ll have to make my own! 😛

  37. TotallyArrJay Says:

    Hey! I was just wondering when I saw this the other day, but couldn’t muster the guts to express it but… Can we have our own OCs made by you with pictorial requirements?

  38. Bridget Says:

    Totally! Absolutely! 😀 I think that about half of these plushes I’ve done have been OCs. And I love seeing people’s OCs and turning them into plushes, there’s something really cool about that. n_n

  39. Will Says:

    My Vinyl just arrived today, it’s absolutely adorable ^,^! Thank you so much!

  40. Grace Says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could send me a pattern for a unicorn and Pegusus. I don’t want to make a business from this, I simply want to try and sew my own as I’m doing a textiles GCSE and am trying to sew as much as possible. If you can’t I completely understand as this is your business but it would be much appreciated and I would send you a picture if the finished product. Please consider.

  41. TotallyArrJay Says:

    Hey. Just asking but are these commissions still on?

  42. Damnit Says:

    Hey, ya I ordered one and haven’t heard anything back. Are the commissions still going?

  43. Alydia Brashear Says:

    I am broke but I will get money and beg my parents to buy me one

  44. Jody Says:

    Has anyone been in touch with the artist about these plushes recently? The queue hasn’t been updated since sometime in January, and my attempts to email/message her over the past couple of months have been met with silence.

  45. Whitney Says:

    Hey there, it was good hearing from you, I’m sorry to hear you are shutting down the ponies, 🙂 hope all goes well for you!!

  46. Tara Says:

    I’m wondering if you will b selling these again

  47. Eva Munden Says:

    Hi!!! I would love it if you could make this pony! His name is Ice Heart and he is my boy friend’s custom drawn pony and it would be the coolest gift to give him!!! Is this possible? I wouldnt mind the cost 🙂 /Users/evamunden/Desktop/tumblr_mx5mt9KB5y1sldaefo1_500.jpg

  48. Sean Durham Says:

    hey do you think I could have a copy of the pattern you used for the vinyl plushie? I was going to make one for my friend and can’t find a good pattern anywhere, but the one you have is really good. thx -Sean 😛

  49. xXPoisonAdoptsXx Says:

    When do you think you will be open again?
    These are so cute I could die! QuQ

  50. SilverStream Says:

    I really need to know if u ship all over the US because i really want one u are really good thx:D

  51. Pandora-Pony Says:

    Oh my gosh I want one ;.;

  52. Dylan Says:

    So you don’t do anymore Commisions for a while right?tell me when it’s open?