Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

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Long, Curly Pink Hair Wigs and Hairpieces!!

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

I actually dreamed last night about trying on colorful wigs and pinning in lots of curly hair extensions. oAo  So I think maybe I should cover some pretty wigs!

Pink hair is something that has transfixed me since waaaaay back.  Actually the first thing I did today after waking up from that dream was search for pink wigs that I thought were pretty LOL.  So, here are my favorite findings~

long curly pink hair wig

100cm Long Curly Hair Pink Wig

This is also available in lots of other colors!!
GOSH this makes me pine for those curls in my own hair.


70cm Long Pink Princess Updo Wig

Also available in several colors!
The voluminous crown at the top of the head
is signature of himegyaru style!
This is also a darker, deeper, more neutral pink color
thank lots of the others that I picked out today.


100cm Long Medium Pink Curly Wig

Ahhhh my gosh this is sooooo long and beautiful!!
These curls are looser and more natural-looking than the
tight rings in the first feature.
I believe that this wig is meant for Vocaloid cosplay,
but gosh I’d just go for this for whatever.


Poofy Cotton Candy Pink Hair Wig

Really, this just looks like dreamy cotton candy.
Or soft clouds in the sunset.
This is hair that is just dying to have bows and barrettes
pinned all over it!!


20-inch Long Curly Pink Hair Extension

I totally just wishlisted this to buy for myself sometime LOL.
I want it!!  Just a layer of soft pink to lay below the rest of my hair
and add volume??  PERFECT.
There are a small handful of other colors available, too~

Shironuri Makeup Tutorial – Base and Eyeshadow Makeup (Video)

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Japanese Shironuri Base Makeup & Eyeshadow TUTORIAL by BAZOOKISTAN | バズーキスタンの白塗りメイク講座

Soft & Pretty Mori Girl Blouses and Skirts

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

It took a long time, but I finally realized that I have very rarely featured mori girl styles on this blog!  Let’s fix that!  These lovely blouses and skirts come from the brand Moriville on YesStyle~

Moriville top dress

Mori Girl Tiered Lace Swing Dress

This… is… SO… PRETTY!!!!
Some of the sample photos show it worn as a skirt, too~
I just love all of the ruffly layers!

Moriville skirt

Mori Girl Lace Trim Denim Skirt

This just looks so casually sweet and pretty!
The lace detail is so simple, I have this saved in my
sewing inspiration folder to try making a similar style skirt of my own~
I will see what I can make it out of besides denim, though.

Moriville blouse

Mori Girl Floral Panel Ruffle-Hem Dotted Blouse

This adorable blouse looks like quilting patchwork!
I loooove combinations of soft polka dots and florals~

Moriville skirt

Mori Girl Bow Accent A-Line Skirt

This skirt just looks so comfortable and easy to wear!
So much of mori style is like that, actually.
It is one of the reasons I have so much admiration for it.

moriville blouse

Mori Girl Lace Ruffle Hooded Top

I always feel like I am a little bit cold, no matter how it feels outside!
Having a light layer to throw on top, just like this,
would be so perfect~  It still looks and feels light and breezy,
just covers you up a bit more, and that’s just what I need, lol!

More Lovely Lolita Skirts on Aliexpress

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Here is another selection of Lolita skirts available from PRO-G Deal, one of the featured sellers from my Favorite Aliexpress Stores guide!  I’m just so excited that they have these!


Colorful Constellation Lolita Skirt

Wow, the art work on this skirt is so vibrant and beautiful!!
The depictions of constellations look like stained glass!


Dusty Pink Bunny Stripe Lolita Skirt

At first glance, this looks to be only a classic Lolita skirt in dusty pink.
But looking closely at the vertical stripes reveals BUNNIES!!
And subtle bunnies are the best bunnies.


Sweet Lollipops Border Print Lolita Skirt

I am falling in love more & more with pink + black designs.
They are so easily wearable!


Vintage Bunnies & Birds Lolita Suspender Skirt

Speaking of subtle bunnies!!
This design has a very vintage, classical motif!
And it’s so awesome that it has suspenders!


Offwhite Cream & Lace Long Classic Lolita Skirt

And after featuring all of those fun prints,
here is something that is simply elegant~
Soft ruffles in this creamy color always makes me think
of buttercream icing on a cake!

Three Simple Tricks to Taking Better Photos (Video)

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

These are good tips for photographing not only human subjects, but smaller subjects as well, such as figures and toys or jewelry!

3 Simple TRICKS to take BETTER PHOTOS Tutorial【もっといい写真を撮る3つのコツ|全端末向け】

Light, background, zoom…
learn the simple trick to take better pictures with any device.