Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

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Cool & Mature Neo-Gyaru Makeup Tutorial with Arisa Kamada (Video)

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

by fashion model Arisa Kamada
– 鎌田安里紗今時ギャルメイク講座 –

Arisa Kamada is a regular model for the Japanese fashion magazine RANZUKI, specialized in “Gyaru” style.
Arisa was our first host on Kawaii Pateen but now she shows us her tips and tricks to achieve GAL-style makeup.

List of Koyonplete Otome Games and Visual Novels on iOS

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Hello friends!!  It’s time for another list of cute n sweet games on iOS, this time from Koyonplete!  I think Love Sushi Rangers stands out as their really good one, but many of these are winners!

Hope to spruce this up with images and more fun things in time, but until then, here are the games in list form.

Bedtime Sweetheart -Shall We Sleep?-

The Cradle of Thorns (a short suspense story)

Devil Beside Me

Devil in My Arms

Endless Love

Forbidden Love Triangle

Love Academy (GxB)

Love Academy (BxB)

Love! Sushi Rangers

Love for A Thousand Years -Seal of Lycoris Rebirth-

Lured into Your Trap

Man with a Pearl Earring


Summer Snow ~First Love~ (voice acting!)

Tease Me If You Can (voice acting!)


Haikyuu!! Episodes Streaming Online – Season 1 (Eps 14-25)

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Continuing from last week, here’s the remainder of Haikyuu!! episodes from season 1!

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episodes 1-13 over here.

Episodes 1-13 over here.

Super Duper Cute Dresses and Skirts on Aliexpress

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

This roundup comes from the store Pro-G Deal, which is one of my recommended shops in my Favorite Aliexpress Stores writeup!!


Music Note Salopette

Ahhh look at how cute the musical score along the bottom of this dress is~


Baby Blue Salopette + Top Combo

You can buy these pieces separately or get them together!
I love how simply cute the baby blue skirt it~


Sheer Overskirt Apron

This is a cute, dreamy detail to be worn over other outfits!


Brown or Dusty Peach Long-Sleeved Dress

I have been in love with brown and neutral colors lately,
so finding this sweet long-sleeved dress is a dream!


Ruffle High-Waisted Suspender Skirt

OH GOSH I love the sheer overlay this skirt has,
it makes it look extra ruffly!!

Simple Pretty Sweet Lolita Headdress DIY Tutorial (Video)

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Easy Kawaii DIY – How to Make Sweet Lolita Headdress – Designs By Yumi

Yumi King is a Youtuber who frequently posts DIY videos for making your wardrobe cute!  Turn annotations on if they are not showing up by default~

If I had to add anything, my advice would be to fold your edges under TWICE if you try this out yourself, rather than just once as shown sometimes in the videos, and backstitch at the beginning and end of sewing every line as well. n_n