• October 21, 2013 • I’m back and I’m gonna be reworking the navigation again and hopefully be more active!!

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26 Responses to “Home”

  1. Epic428 Says:

    Hey I really like your site. I think it is really clean and laid out well. Look forward to seeing some great content here!

  2. Ducky Says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know I think your site is adorable and the layout is perfect :) . You seem to have a lot of skills. Very interesting!

  3. almyki Says:

    I’m so belated, but congrats on the new site, it’s really cute and delicious BD ! I love the warm pastel colors and the crayon look.

    <3 ali

  4. Dollie Says:

    I love your website! It’s so cute!

  5. xekeno Says:

    Hey It’s Me, Xekeno they guy you’re making a drawing for. Anyway, just though I would let you know I really like your site. It’s awesome! Not too mention your work.

    I’m probably going to do a post about you on my website/blog and the artwork you’re creating for me, once it’s finished.

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work.

    Xekeno (Jason)

  6. Bridget Says:

    Whoooaaa ohmygoodness that’s so awesome!! 8O

    I just realized I haven’t been replying to any of the comments here. ;____;

    I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU and I really truly appreciate all of your kind feedback. <3 Thank you all so much.

  7. xekeno Says:

    Just sent a donation for the completion of the project.

  8. santa123fawr Says:

    Yay! You draw Pokémon and vidya game fanarts!!^___^ *cheers*

    This is a cute site btw.

    :3 ^_^

  9. santa123fawr Says:

    BTW, happy belated birthday!! XD (wow…Augest 16th, huh? OMG…SAME AS MIIIINE!!!!*spazzes out*wooo~)(BTW, weren’t you on sanriotown?^_^)

  10. Bridget Says:

    Oh thank you so much! :D Yes I do love the vidya games! *o*

  11. Bridget Says:

    Happy belated birthday to you as well! ^o^ And yes, I love SanrioTown! 8D

  12. Chris Says:

    Really liked the look of your work, actually liked it so much I ordered a pony, keep up the good work!

  13. Sierra Peterman Says:

    Help, I just ordered a pony to have mailed to my bf Nathan but it didn’t have a thing to tell you which one. I wanted it to be a Rarity, without the glasses.

  14. Bridget Says:

    Okie-dokie! c: I woulda just shot you an e-mail after seeing that I received an order with no pony requested, so no worries!

  15. almyki Says:

    BonBonBunny, did you forget all about me XD ? It’s been ages since I made my request. It seems like your pony plush business has really hit it off, so if you feel like you’d rather focus on that now, you can cancel my picture request and just refund the donation.

    I’ll see you around,
    <3 ali

  16. Bridget Says:

    Alyyyyyy!! ^o^

    Eh eh??! We’re talking about the Beyblade picture, right? Because if not then some Paypal payment must have slipped by me. O_O Hmm… perplexing. Let me consult my e-mails and such and sort this out… will get back to you via e-mail. :3

  17. UrcutefanXDD Says:

    Will you please teach us on youtube how did you draw all of these Art or comics??

    Its my first time here ^.^

  18. Bridget Says:

    :O That would be neat!! I’d be a terrible teacher though, I think! And screen capture software would not run very well on this rusty old laptop of mine, anyway. @_@

  19. DERPY HOOVES Says:


  20. Kristin Says:

    I messaged you on your DA and Facebook, but I noticed that both looked like you haven’t been on them in while so I thought I would try to contact you here. I’m looking to ask about a Doctor Whooves commission and a character commission of Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing. I basically just want to know if thats possible, a general range of dates it would be done by, and a price estimate. Thanks! :)
    Love your work,

  21. Debbie Dziennik Says:

    I just placed an order with you for a plush My Little Pony. I wanted to tell you that I would like the Rarity pony with glasses. Can you make the glasses a bright pink color?
    thank you
    also please let me know your current time frame for making and shipping your plush items

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  25. astygmatyzm Says:

    ciszy – w szczęce. Blankenship… sie Hugo. się tym potwierdzenia

  26. astygmatyzm Says:

    ktory -Tak. jak leczyc jaskre szczęce. -Zapamietalem. jego sie wizyte, tu schwytac