Patreon Monthly Update for July

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Heya!  Although it’s not quite the end of the month yet, I wanted to make this round-up post before July actually ended, because of the time-sensitive bonus that is only relevant before July 31st~

Here is what I have been up to in only the few weeks it has been since diving full-force into creating games!!:

  • The screenshot above shows my most recent update.  If you view the post itself, the screenshot is actually animated, and shows the scene in action!!  There are a whole bunch of colorful little animated icons that serve to show what emotions the character is speaking in a cute and interactive way~
  • In just yesterday’s post, I had most of the icons drawn but not animated yet!
  • From Sketch to Screenshot – This post details how rough and messy my work-in-progress sketches are, where I rough out how I want the UI to look and even scribble incredibly silly placeholder characters LOL.  It’s available to view side-by-side with the finished version of the same screen, just to see the difference!
  • Playing with Particles: Glowy Lights & Fireflies – Fireflies always look so magical in games!  This post, which also has an animated demonstration, shows off how I create pretty, soft, and glowing lights for background detail.
  • Dialog Boxes & Typewriter Text – Another animated demonstration, this time showing the dynamic message boxes and text that appears within them.  It’s a minor effect, but one that is massively engaging for the player!  There is also a sneak peek at some actual code in this post.
  • Animating Game Characters – This post, which includes an animated demonstration AND a look at the code behind it, shows how I get my art work to move around and look alive in a game.
  • Drawing a Game Character – Finally, this post, which is visible for everyone so that they may get a glimpse at what kind of content is available in the rest of the feed, provides an example of how my art work grows from placeholder characters to full-color designs for the final form of the project. 🌟

There are actually a couple of other progress update posts that I didn’t even list just now – you’ll have to check the activity feed over on Patreon to see the rest!

If you’re interested in watching these projects come to life, as well as playing demonstrations as soon as playable builds are available, you’ll need to become a Patron!  Please consider doing so – it is a small investment that is non-figuratively life-changing for me, allowing me to pursue this and create cute and positive games as I have always dreamed of doing.

AND!!!  If I reach my first goal of $150 before July ends, I’ll be able to put those earnings toward upgrading my Game Maker license to allow finished games to be available for Mac and Ubuntu users as well as PC, in addition to being able to make browser-based games that do not require downloading at all and would be available to play freely~!

💟 Thank you so much for taking the time to read my summary of what I’ve been up to over this month, and if you’d like to help in any form, consider the links below to either become a patron or just to donate once through Paypal any small amount~

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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

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A Guide to All Those Kawaii Brands You See on Ebay, Storenvy, and Aliexpress

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

When you’re browsing for cute clothes in the style of Lolita, gyaru, mori girl, fairy-kei, and others, you may find in your searches through Ebay, Storenvy, Aliexpress and others that you begin to recognize certain pieces listed!  Maybe you’ll recognize the model wearing the fashions, or something about the photography will look familiar to similar listings you’ve found.  You have the vague idea that they’re probably TaoBao brands, but what are their names, and where do these listings originate from?

The thing about these marketplaces is that they very rarely actually list these items by name!  Knowing the originator of these pieces can help you shop around for them and get them at a fair price.  Plus, it’s just good to know where the things you’re buying come from.

Here is my quick guide to my favorite brands that I’ve encountered across these marketplaces!  It’s certainly not a comprehensive list, but maybe it can help you find some direction with your own browsing. :3


Candy Rain

This is my favorite of all of the TaoBao brands available –
everything is lacy and ruffly, with light floral patterns and soft pastels!
Candy Rain models are usually posed around rich-looking rooms
set with flowers, tea or cakes, or outdoors in a garden setting.

Candy Rain’s YesStyle Brand Page
LoliLoli Shop for Lolita Princess 
– an Aliexpress seller
BOBON21 – another Aliexpress seller that stocks Candy Rain
Candy Rain’s TaoBao Page



I hope I have the name of this brand correctly;
I only have their YesStyle page to go from.
It doesn’t refer to this brand by name on its TaoBao shop as far as I see. nn;

GOGO Girl is a very widespread brand on marketplaces
that features this model who is doll-like in cuteness!
She is posed against a wall in a cutesy interior room.
Again is the recurring theme of pastel colors and soft fabrics,
like sheer chiffon overlays.

GOGO Girl’s YesStyle Brand Page
 – Aliexpress seller that features GOGO Girl heavily
MONGPING finery – another Aliexpress seller
GOGO Girl’s TaoBao Page
Another TaoBao Page for this seller because who knows??



That’s BO-bon, not BON-bon, like a certain bunny-related URL you might know of.
This brand surfaced as a cheaper alternative to Liz Lisa.
Many of their pieces are similar to Liz Lisa stylistically.
They are not listed on YesStyle.
Their usual model has the light strawberry-blonde hair pictured above.
She is usually posed against a blank wall, but as with all of these guidelines,
there are variations sometimes.

LoliLoli Shop for Lolita Princess – again!  Such a reliable seller for cute clothes.
BOBON21 – A seller that shares the name, but may not be officially connected.
BoBon21’s TaoBao Page


Pink Doll

Pink Doll is also Dabuwawa, and it features mature and elegant clothing!
Their models look older and more mature than the previous featured
kawaii brands, to match the look of their clothing line.
There are also often non-Asian models featured sometimes,
such as the blonde woman in the center above.
They are usually posed in interior spaces against curtains or similar.

Dabuwawa’s YesStyle Brand Page
One, Two, and Three different Aliexpress sellers for Pink Doll
Pink Doll’s TaoBao Page

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Favorite Aliexpress Stores for Lolita, Gyaru, Fairy-Kei, Larme-Kei and Mori Girl!

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Oh my GOSH!!  It has been AGES AND AGES since I posted!  And I am so, so happy to be back!

I can’t say that I actually went anywhere. n_n;  Just got a little burned out updating here all the time.  I’ve been super active on Tumblr instead though!  And drawing, of course!  Always drawing~

Okay, anywhoozles, let’s roll right back into things~  Lately I have been OBSESSED with Aliexpress.  It’s like Ebay, except exclusive to Asian sellers, most of which are setting up shop with their same merchandise from Taobao.  And Taobao has SOME OF THE CUTEST, MOST PRINCESS-FUL CLOTHES EVER!  The same products being on Aliexpress make it easier to get your hands on those Taobao brands (which you normally would need a shopping service for), and Aliexpress has the advantage of being able to cancel your order and get a full refund at any time if you feel the slightest hesitation about your order, which is the huge downfall of Ebay imo (where you have to open up Paypal disputes and possibly not even get your money back if your claim isn’t approved).

ANYWAY.  Cutest stores I’ve found on Aliexpress for girly princess clothes, GO!

Loliloli Shop for Lolita Princess

Loliloli Shop for Lolita Princess

This is THE JACKPOT!!  Perfectly princessy Lolita clothing –
dresses, shoes, gorgeous stockings –
my screenshot above cannot fully encompass how well-stocked this store is.
My top recommendation!



While this seller has the same name as a favorite TaoBao brand,
I’m not sure that they are officially affiliated.
However, they are among the only sellers of Candy Rain
and BoBon21, so they are another store worth browsing!!

J-fashion Harajuku

J-fashion Harajuku

Another great winner!  This store doesn’t have strictly Lolita things,
but it has a wide variety of kawaii styles, and many pastel and anime/geek-themed products,
especially Sailor Moon items!



Looooook at how cuuuuute!!  Pro-G Deal has manymanymany items
from the Taobao brand Bobon21,
which is for sure one of the cutest pastel brands out there!
And what’s more, Pro-G Deal recently expanded to include many
ACTUAL Lolita items, such as JSK’s and skirts!!

Liz Lisa Sweet Girls

Liz Lisa Sweet Girls and Store No.734703 (lol)

These two are being lumped together because they have very similar selections!
They are both Liz Lisa sellers!  Figured I’d link to both since even though there’s bound to be
overlapping between products, there will surely be some items listed in one that aren’t in the other,
and it’s always a good idea to shop around~



This store carries gorgeous Mori girl items!!
And though they’re not pictured in the image,
they also stock Bobon21 items and other kawaii pastel styles as well!!

VV Elegant Fashion Co. Ltd.

DABUWAWA Wholesale & Retail, DABUWAWA & Pink Doll Trade Co.,
Shanghai DABUWAWA International Trading Co.

Three different suppliers for the lovely Taobao brand Pink Doll,
which provides some of the most elegant & mature clothing I have ever seen!



Another of the elegant & mature selections,
Artka’s clothing makes me think of something that stylish Earthy witches would wear.
The color palette is darker than the usual Larme-style Mori girl, but there is
something forest-like and enchanting about them anyway!

Soul Vision

Soul Vision

My last featured store for the day isn’t for clothes – it’s home decor!
Living and sleeping in a pretty space is essential for all princesses!
I loooooove the bedding that they have here,
and all of the furniture and homewares are so elegant as well~

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Watch Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star Episodes Streaming Online

Friday, August 18th, 2017

Read about this anime written up in my List of Idol Boy Anime~!!

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – Turning Dreams into Music

Episode 2 – KIZUNA

Episode 3 – Mighty Aura


Episode 5 – Visible Elf

Episode 6 – Lovely Eyes

Episode 7 – Grown Empathy

Episode 8 – Lasting Oneness

Episode 9 – NEXT DOOR

Episode 10 – We believe you

Episode 11 – The Future, Dreams, Thank You – And!

Episode 12 – Three shining stars

Episode 13 – WE ARE STARISH!

For more idol boy anime to watch, check my list of faves!! (coming soon)

Cute & Sweet Japanese Snacks & Home Accessories

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Yamibuy is an online Asian market where you can buy all kinds of Japanese (and Korean, and Indian, and Chinese, and more) snacks and convenient home stuff!!  They also have makeup and beauty goods, but I am definitely saving that for a future post~

You can definitely use the site to buy the “usual” snacks you might look for when you’re hungry for Japanese snacks – you got your pockys, your mochis, your instant noodleses of all kinds (please read that list in Strong Bad’s voice).  I put this list together to show off a handful of more unknown sweets and try something new!

MARUHA Pururun Dessert Strawberry

This dessert mix makes a strawberry peach drink when you mix it with milk!
There are sweet little strawberry pieces throughout the mix~

NESTLADY Lotus Leaf Rose Tea 20g

Look at this SUPER PRETTY loose leaf tea!
It makes for such a nice display, I’d want to leave it out on the counter
as part of the kitchen decor rather than putting it away in a cabinet!

JOYOUNG Princess Series Electric Water Kettle Pink

Um can you believe that there is a PRINCESS SERIES of electric kettles??
Anyway, when it’s time to prepare your lovely rose tea,
it’s all the more fitting to use a lovely rose-colored kettle to do so~

BALI’SBEST Green Tea Latte 150g

OMG, these look like green tea versions of Werther’s!!
That sounds so awesome – I would be popping one of these in my mouth ALL day.
I like to have slow-melting sweets like this when I’m invested in work at the computer
or am spending a lot of time sewing.

HOUSE Purin Mix

This is the style of pudding that you always see in anime. o_o
Rather than going for a convenience store variety,
you can make some of your own with this mix!

Thank you for reading,
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Watch Marginal #4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang Episodes Streaming Online

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Read about this anime written up in my List of Idol Boy Anime~!!

This is… a CRAZY show.  This is one of the more heavily comedic idol shows out there, with some very silly plot points that the characters address.  I love it, though – especially the colorful character designs and the really great credits sequences for each of the songs!!  They also have very exaggerated personalities, with like, one interest that seems to get squeezed into every conversation LOL.  I can appreciate the simplicity, though!  Things get more exciting and dramatic by the end, of course!

R is my fave, for how innocent and cute he is, and for his MMO fixation where he sprinkles RPG terms in his vocabulary. <3

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – The Chaos Theory Born from the Stars

Episode 2 – A Starburst Measured from the Soul

Episode 3 – Almagest as Told from a Dream

Episode 4 – Lagrange Pops on the Day Off

Episode 5 – Past Delusions About Dark Matter

Episode 6 – A Supernova Rival Born from a Mistake

Episode 7 – Twin Stars Broadcasting from Noon

Episode 8 – A Multiverse Born from a Mystery

Episode 9 – Summer Reminiscence of Cambria

Episode 10 – The Superstring Theory Made from Flour

Episode 11 – Separation that Leads to Prominence

Episode 12 – A Big Bang Created from a Kiss

For more idol boy anime to watch, check my list of faves!!

List of Idol Boy Anime & Where to Watch Them

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

If you follow me on social media (Twitter and Tumblr especially), my adoration for idol boys is NO secret…

They are the subject of many a mobile game, but at the current point in time, there are only a handful of anime adaptations to watch.  Few enough that it’s not entirely unreasonable to list them here on a single web page~

Why idol boys?  Well, as the descriptions listed below will indicate, they are often just positive and fun to enjoy!!  There are some great songs in them, and they really go all out animating extremely captivating dance sequences.

Plus, I mean, there’s the fact that there are often dozens of characters in them, and each dude has a distinguishing personality that sets him apart from his fellow idol group members.  No matter your favorite “type” – whether you like the cool, scholarly glasses guy; cheerful & friendly boy-next-door; angsty brooding loner; handsome & flirtatious prince; etc. – you’re sure to be able to find your favorite in these groups.

This list is in alphabetical order and is a constant work in progress!
If you know of one I missed, let me know in a comment~

B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious

A very cool and fun series!!  There are three idol groups featured
who group together to become the “B-Project!”
The series follows each group and their members as they intermingle for different projects.
Some drama comes up that occasionally threatens their success –
you might get pretty invested!!

There is also a VERY cute and pretty heroine who ties them all together~
(I’m actually currently in the process of watching this
and may come back to this description with more thoughts
once I’m done~)

Right here on

Dream Festival & Dream Festival R

Dream Festival is heavily tied in with its mobile game counterpart,
where cards are collected to dress up the boys in different outfits.
Those cards are incorporated in the anime itself, and the boys are shown
transforming into the costumes, henshin-style, like magical boys!

It’s a bit silly, but really fun!

This one is one of my favorites, because it is light and fun
while also including emotional moments between the band members.
They often cry to one another and have to hug out their problems.
It’s………. rly cute………… ; w ;

Its second season, Dream Festival R, is scheduled to begin airing
at the end of August 2017!

Right here on

Ensemble Stars! The Animation

Upcoming anime with an unknown air date at the moment.


Another upcoming anime with an unknown air date at the moment.


Upcoming anime currently anticipated to air in October 2017.

King of Prism & King of Prism: Pride the Hero

These are each single-episode features (actually, they are movies~).
They are related to the Pretty Rhythm series (female idols).
I haven’t actually watched Pride the Hero,
as I had a difficult time following along with the first one.

There is definitely some context and character relations you will be missing
if you watch these without any familiarity with the source material.
Forgive me, but I don’t feel that I can give an accurate review of it;
I truly did not know what to make of this. nn;

Maybe you can puzzle it out better than me?

(To my knowledge, not available to watch online
on any legal streaming sites.)

Marginal #4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang

An extremely cute and colorful series!!
Very much on the lighthearted and fun side.
The beginning episodes are very silly and follow the misadventures
of the idol group through their daily school lives, gradually
incorporating more “idol drama” as the series goes on.
They have simple, exaggerated personalities with singular interests/character quirks,
which I don’t think of as a negative aspect at all (uncomplicated is a positive for me!)~

The songs are featured as different sequences in the credits for each episode,
which is pretty cool because it allows for more air time for the actual subject material
of the episode~

Right here on

Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49
& Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 50

For a more serious experience with idols, Shounen Hollywood features a more
realistic glimpse at the idol business, getting into the nitty-gritty of struggling stardom.
It is somber in tone, very much on the emotion & drama side of the subject
with nothing unnaturally sparkly or flashy about the character designs
and no magical dance numbers.


Tsukiuta. The Animation

An exceptionally cute and endearing series!
The 12 characters are each associated with a month of the year,
and the episodes of the anime progress through the year one month
at a time, featuring each of them in turn.

Although there are two idol groups featured,
they work together and intermix their members for songs and jobs,
which leads to very cute interactions and friendships between them. ♡

The mood of this one is positive, with sprinklings of more serious drama
but also some silliness and supernatural elements
(Shun’s mysteriousness in general, ghosts, ALIENS??).

There is an upcoming continuation called Tsukipro The Animation,
I believe with an entirely new set of 12 characters,
that is currently anticipated to air in October 2017.


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Revolutions
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star

My!! FAVE!!!!! idol boy anime!!  And, truly, one of my fave anime series in general~
It was watching that opening dance number to Maji Love 1000% that had me
completely hooked on idol boys.
The colors!!  The dancing!!  The adorable song!
All of the positive little interactions between the characters!!
Oh, there was no hope for me after that.

UtaPri is the powerhouse of idol boy anime.
It leads the charts every time a new single is released.
The fact that it has four seasons available is a testament to
how long it has been running and how successful it’s been.

If you need a series to dip your toes into, I recommend this as a good place to start,
unless you really want something more heavily dramatic and less on the lighthearted fun.
If you just want endearing characters, sweet songs, and positive interactions
between them with the cute heroine, UtaPri is what you need in your life.

A fifth season was teased at the end of Legend Star,
but no title or air date for it has been revealed as of yet.

Right here on 1000%, 2000%, Revolutions, Legend Star
Hulu: 1000% & 2000%, Revolutions, Legend Star
Yahoo View (1000% and 2000% only, for some licensing reasons)


—– Special Mention —–

The shows below are not strictly about idols,
but involve cute & handsome dudes singing and dancing in each episode,
and so they are likely to be enjoyed by idol fans as well~

Bakumatsu Rock

Also called “Samurai Jam: Bakumatsu Rock” (which made me unsure
where to list it in my neat little alphabetical list…).

A highly comedic series that parodies the Bakumatsu era of Japan
(the same setting as any media you might have consumed about any certain
Shinsengumi members), with electric guitars and rock & roll music
in the place of swords and historical battles.


Dance with Devils

A dark and intense series, almost in the same vein as Diabolik Lovers or Amnesia,
to compare it to other otome media (of course, it’s not exactly the same as either of them).
It gets a mention on this list due to the musical numbers in each episode,
which are actually true to the definition of “musical” –
the lyrics are often the characters narrating their actions as they beat down vampires.
It’s pretty wild!

Yahoo View
Amazon Video

High School Star Musical (Starmyu)

You know, I’m not sure whether this goes in this section,
or in the real list of idol anime.  Weigh in in the comments what you think!

I opted to put this here because it isn’t really about the characters rising to stardom
or becoming a publicly-known idol group in any way.
The setting is entirely contained in their school, and their talents
are more generalized to include drama and stage performance
rather than actually being about idols – more like “theater kids,” lol.

Anyway, it’s pretty fun, with a fair amount of dramatic intrigue –
it might make your heart ache for how hard these boys have to work and struggle
just for their time on the stage!! ; ^ ;

Right here on
Crunchyroll (only seems to have season 2?)
Funimation (I think this is only season 1…)
Amazon Video (only season 1 again, I think?)

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

This one is extremely positive and heartwarming,
filled with fluff and happy feelings~

The characters are not idols, but attend a magical school for the arts.
Art media such as painting, floral arrangement, sculpting, calligraphy, culinary design,
and, yes, also singing and dancing, are all methods by which magic is created
in this setting (represented with lovely visuals of light & sparkles).

The heroine works together with each of the fellows featured
and they enrich one another to create more & more beautiful magic.
An insert song is included in each episode, often an extension
of the magical powers of their art manifesting.

I think it is very sweet!

Right here on

Show By Rock!!

Truthfully, I almost did not include this in the list at all,
since, as you can see, the protagonists are female idols
and this is supposed to be for idol boys!!

But, there are supporting characters in other bands
besides the main girl group – both Shingan Crimsonz
and Trichronika include VERY handsome dudes
with VERY impressive voice actors,
and provide some cool songs accordingly!

So, this series by Sanrio is an option for checking out
if you don’t mind the idol boys being side characters~


🌟 I very briefly mentioned the mobile game source material that many of these series originate from in the introductory post.  The fact of the matter is that almost all of them also have a game of some form (often mobile or handheld, but a few PC or console releases exist here and there), where you can play alongside the characters featured in the show!  They can take the form of rhythm games, dating sims, visual novels, etc., but the downside is that it is EXCEEDINGLY rare for any of them to be available in English.  The bright side of the downside is that you can find guides online that lead you through how to play them, so that at least you can navigate the Japanese menus in order to reach the rhythm game itself (or whatever the core gameplay is).

If any of the series listed here sound of interest to you, definitely look into the source material for them!  You will likely discover even more characters, and deeper backstories for the existing ones.  Furthermore, there are often drama CDs and tons of character songs and other singles to listen to!!  It is entirely possible to collect an entire playlist filled with music from idol boys…………….. You can trust me on this because I speak from great personal experience.

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Watch DREAM FESTIVAL! Episodes Streaming Online

Friday, August 11th, 2017

Read about this anime written up in my List of Idol Boy Anime~!!

One of my fave idol boy series!!!  They wear some silly stage costumes at times and sometimes the CG dancing is a little awkward, but overall it’s worth braving through those for the really cool songs!!  And outside of their time on the stage, I LOVE the ratio of fun to drama in this show.  There is the perfect measurement of good times and friendship contrasted with conflict and emotional bonding~

Something of interest about these episodes… pay attention to the number of exclamation points in some of the episode titles, and the number of idol unit members involved in the featured group. 😊

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – The New Face that Plays Our Bonds!!

Episode 2 – Shin Oikawa is an Amazing Guy!!

Episode 3 – 2032

Episode 4 – A Unit of 3 is Born!!!

Episode 5 – First Variety Show!!!

Episode 6 – Chizuru and Yuzuru?!

Episode 7 – KUROFUNE is Here!!

Episode 8 – Itsuki’s Chosen Path

Episode 9 – DearDream’s Nationwide Tour!!!!!!

Episode 10 – A Journey of Dreams: Junya’s Decision

Episode 11 – The Feeling We Want to Hold High!!!!!

Episode 12 – The Door to Becoming Idols!!!!!

For more idol boy anime to watch, check my list of faves!!